[Review] ROG to believe and write! Asus ROG STRIX Scope NX Wireless Deluxe Gaming Keyboard

Asus’s high-end gaming lineup ROG (Log) has been loved by many gamers around the world. This is why all products are released at high quality despite producing various products such as laptops and monitors and various gaming peripherals (mice, keyboards, headsets), routers, and coolers. The luxurious design and logo of the log.

Performance, design, and emotions show good quality in the Trinity. Among them, I would like to learn about the gaming keyboard, which plays an important role in any game. A keyboard with a design that takes advantage of Asus log product, as well as features specialized for various gaming and RGB full of emotion. Asus rog strix scope NX Wireless Deluxe This is a gaming keyboard.

As you can see in the product name, ROG NX mechanical switches are used. In my case, I do not have much power when I do it, and I prefer a quiet keyboard, so I prefer these red stomachs or livestock. The key pressure is also low, so the fatigue of the finger is less than the other switch. Instead, there are fewer sense of distinction, so the typo is not boring.

On the other hand, there are many gamers who think, ‘But is the gaming keyboard that is a cheerful click?’ But you don’t have to worry about this. ROG NX switch also has a blue axis and a livestock. The choice is wide. In addition, there are many gaming features, but it is likely that the title will be released by checking it directly with the picture rather than an additional explanation. Let’s check with the picture.

■ Product information

Asus ROG SCOPE NX Wireless Deluxe

Keyboard type: Mechanical / Vicky Style

* Switch type: * rog nx switch / Red axis **

Connection: Wired / Wireless / Bluetooth

Keycap type: ABS keycap

key arrangement: Full arrangement

key pressure: 55g

** weight and size: 440 /137 / 39mm (w x d x h) / 1166g

Response Speed: 1ms

Battery: Up to 315 hours

Other functions: Infinite simultaneous input / h / w macro / fn key media control / LED backlight / metal housing / wireless AURA sync

■ Product exterior

The entire top is made of heavy and sturdy metal housing, and you can see the appearance designed in stylish black. The keycap material is ABS and uses the accumulation switch during the ROG NX mechanical switch mentioned above. The switch is made of Asus Log’s own standard, showing a 1.8mm operating point, an initial pressure of 40GF, and a total pressure of 55GF. In addition, 100% Antigosing and N-Key Rollover (NK-RO) technology, which can be indefinitely input, is applied.

The connectivity is also diverse. It can be used as a wire through a removable cable, and wireless connection through a 2.4GFZ wireless dongle is also available and Bluetooth connection is also available. In the case of batteries, lithium ion batteries are applied, and when the LED is turned off and used, a total of 315 hours for wireless connection and 316 hours for Bluetooth.

Asus ROG Strix Scope NX Wireless Deluxe Gaming Keyboard has some special points that are different from other keyboards. For users who play FPS games, the control key has been made twice as much as the existing height. Control keys are usually used in FPS games, so the wider the wider, the better. Of course, it is necessary to adapt more when working, not the game.

It also has various function keys. From stealthy for married men and students from all over the country, quick toggle switch functions that switch the F5 ~ F12 key at the top using FN and INS keys into function keys, and Windows lock keys that make it not touched or pressed by mistakes. All the function keys in these tops are engraved with pictures, not letters, so they are also visible.

■ I tried to do it myself

■ All-round gaming keyboard that can be easily managed with dedicated software

If you want to use 100% peripheral devices, be sure to install a dedicated software. Of course, some companies have software, but they seem rarely mana, but Asus’s Armoury Create seems to be quite concerned. In addition to various peripherals, hardware connections were also checked, and various settings were easily changed to taste.

It is possible to integrate all the connected log products by synchronizing AURA SYNC from macros that are useful in RPGs that need to be digested. Onboard memory can also be stored and used in the keyboard up to six profiles. In addition, various functions can be used.

A sturdy metal housing top that seems to have been broken for a long time even if you use it roughly, and a magnetic palm rest that maintains comfort even if you use it for a long time. Various features and dedicated software that can easily adjust them. If it’s time to change the keyboard, I think it’s a keyboard to recommend enough.

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