Shut off AirPlay – thats just how it works

Synchronize the screen

In order to have the ability to stream material through AirPlay, you have to first synchronize the screen of your device using the control center. This functions as complies with:

  1. To do this, open the control center of your Apple device and go to screen synchronization.
  2. Your mobile device is currently seeking an Apple television near you. After a successful search, choose your Apple TV.
  3. Finally, your mobile phone is integrated with your Apple TV utilizing AirPlay
  4. You can additionally choose a preferred photo from your picture gallery directly and turn on AirPlay using the streaming sign and transfer the private picture immediately.

Shut down ### AirPlay.

You have to deactivate AirPlay if you have actually streamed all media on your Television and now desire to separate the link once more. For this they continue as complies with:

  1. Draw the control center of your Apple mobile phone once more from base to top.
  2. Navigate to screen synchronization as well as choose your Apple TV.
  3. Click Different to ensure that AirPlay is shut off on your device.
  4. Afterwards, you can no more see a media of your mobile device on the Apple TV up until the next link.

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