One individual developer reported that the Nintendo Switch version was greatly helped. While developing later

Hikari Ki, indie game developer, reported that the Nintendo Switch version of his own game, Magic Potion Millionaire, was Surprisingly sold. Listening to the detailed story, it seems that Mr. Ki’s latest work was quite helpful by Nintendo Switch and Nintendo.

Magic Potion Millionaire is a 2D action game with rogue elements. It is a side view action game, and players will collect materials in dungeons, make medicine and sell them. The terrain of the dungeon is random, and various enemies are waiting. Use melee attacks, a wide variety of shots, and magic drugs. The question is how to make money.

Hikari Kiki has been working on games that combine cute dot paintings and unique systems, such as Magic Potion Explorer and Magic Potion Destroyer. This work is also unique as an example. And this work has also been released as the first Nintendo Switch version as the Magic Potion series. The Steam version was released in December 2020, and the Nintendo Switch version was a bit vacant in November 2021, but sales on Nintendo Switch seemed to be very good.

First of all, when I asked about the STEAM version of sales, it was sales that can continue to produce games if you sometimes work part-time. On the other hand, the sales of the Nintendo Switch version were about 10 times the first movement compared to Steam. One month after the release, sales have been comparable to the development of three years for the past three years. In addition, the sales after the release do not go down, and it seems that it sells in the long term.

Also, with the good sales of the Nintendo Switch version, it is now possible to concentrate on the production of the next work with confidence. Mr. Ki is not good at multitasking. It was said that work was hard to proceed on days when it was not possible to concentrate on development al1. She also commented that she could concentrate on her development, and that she might be able to create the next work relatively early.

  • In addition, after the release of the Nintendo Switch version of Magic Potion Millionaire, the Bunba, which was kept, died. It is a bird that became a model of the enemy’s enemy, and he spent his time together as a game developer. He said that he did his best after he was sick, and died shortly after the release of the Nintendo Switch version, so he thought he might have been working hard to see the end of the work.

Mr. Nintendo Switch is also grateful to Nintendo for other sales. He said he was called by Nintendo staff while exhibiting at a game event. At that time, he felt that Nintendo was exploring his relationship with individual developers, and he asked for the release of Nintendo Switch. Although it was a release inquiry without a publisher, although there was a screening, it was said that individual opponents were kindly and carefully communicated and supported until the release. He seemed to feel the depth of Nintendo’s pocket.


Asking the Nintendo Switch version of the successful factors, he first issued a press release and was featured in the media. He studied themselves without asking the trader and created a press release in a different way. He recalls that it was a great release, and that it was featured in major media that had never been published before.

He also mentions the good compatibility of Nintendo Switch. Since it is a dot picture game with a low resolution, I felt that it was good compatibility with Nintendo Switch, so the screen resolution was used in Nintendo Switch [1280 × 720, 1920 × 1080]. Adjusted to [320 x 180]. He recalls that this was a very correct answer.

In any case, Mr. Ki seems to be very grateful for the Nintendo Switch version of the sales and Nintendo’s response. The number of titles released at the Nintendo E Shop is only increasing. There are very many rivals. However, the pie is still large, and it is a form that has once again proven that there is a chance, even in personal development games. It is also interesting that it has greatly exceeded Steam while developing the late multi-platform.

Mr. Ki is developing the action game Magic Potion Liberators as the next work. Although some compatible platforms are still under consideration, they are not going to remove Steam and Nintendo Switch. Follow his studio Twitter account and wait for the next release.

Magic Potion Millionaire is on sale on PC (Steam/Dlsite/Booth/ Switch. Magic Potion Liberators is currently being developed with a view of Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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