In a series of games about Mario there are many cult characters, but Dazi earned a reputation as an athlete and appeared in many sports games about Mario. With Mario Strikers: Battle League with a small list of ten characters, you may be interested in whether Daisy is in Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Where is Daisy in Mario Strikers: Battle League?

Daisy is not in Mario Strikers: Battle League . It is not an initial or unlocked character who are not unlocked characters. Although in the past Daisy appeared in many sports titles, it seems that in this she sits on a bench.

Daisy may have lagged behind Rosalina in popularity, so she was excluded from the Mario Strikers: Battle League list. But Daisy fans may be interested in whether the princess will appear later as a character DLC.

will Daisy come to Mario Strikers: Battle League?

There was there is no official confirmation whether the Princess of Dazi or any other DLC character will join the Mario Strikers: Battle League. Datamine, which was shared by the famous Dataminer Wipeoutjack7, revealed plans for twenty characters in total, but this is an assumption, and it should be perceived with a share of skepticism.


But if this turns out to be true, Daisy, most likely, will become one of the characters in DLC. It is present in most Mario sports games and expects that the game will appear in the game a list of Nintendo female characters. At the same time, there are ten characters to choose from when choosing your team.

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