Quarry – how to kill everyone or save

The Quarry offers a fantastic story story that branches at every opportunity, creating a web of elections and consequences.

You have the opportunity to start two different passages. You can either save all the counselors (it opens up the achievement of the gross night), or kill them all (opens up the achievement of massacre in the Hickett career) for the appropriate endings.

The fact is that The Quarry is designed to run it again and again to experience the consequences of each decision in each chapter. The next guide will facilitate this process, showing you how to kill or save each character in the game.

This, however, means that you will have to go through many spoilers. If you want to enjoy The Quarry, it’s better not to read on. Otherwise, read on and make sure for yourself how to kill or save everyone.


characters of a career that can be killed or saved

Below are characters who can be killed or saved depending on the decisions that you made to the indicated chapters.

  • Jacob (Chapter 4)
  • Emma (Chapter 4)
  • Abagail (Chapter 6)
  • Travis (Chapter 7)
  • Nick (Chapter 8)
  • Dylan (Chapter 9)
  • Laura and Ryan (Chapter 9)
  • Max (Chapter 10)
  • Caitlin (Chapter 10)

How to kill or save Jacob

The story begins with a group of friends sitting by the fire and enjoying the evening, when they hear a rustle in the bushes. Since they are alone in the forest at night, they suggest that the noise was some kind of animal. It turns out that this rustle was actually Jacob, who was returning in search of Abagaille.

Ryan, the character you will play, will receive two chances to shoot at the bushes. If you decide to do this, your second shot will kill Jacob.

If you want to save Jacob, you must refrain from shooting in the bushes both times. So you do not accidentally shoot Jacob in the bushes.

How to kill or save Emma

During this episode, Emma is one in the forest, when she climbs the stairs under the house on a tree. Then she hears some kind of noise outside the hatch.

Emma will have to choose by going through a tree on a tree or opening a hatch to explore the source of noise outside.

If you decide to open the hatch, the monster from the outside will kill Emma.

If you want to save Emma, search your bag to find something useful. She will find a box of tools and use it to jam the hatch in a tree house. Emma will ultimately escape from the monster and survive the incident.

How to kill or save Abagile

During this episode, Abagile is in the pool house before Nick thrown it out. Then Abagile will have the opportunity to shoot him.

It turns out that Nick will still become a monster. In addition, if you skip your shot or decide not to shoot at it, now the nickname will kill the monster to kill Abachel and run away from the scene through the window of the house by the pool.

If you want to save Abagile, shoot at Nika. He will still survive the shot, but will run away through the window, without causing her harm.

How to kill or save Travis

Now you are playing for Laura, who sleeps in his bed in a police station. Then, with the help of Max, you will develop a plan for the murder of Travis Lao, pretending to have an injury.

Travis will enter her camera to check her. While Travis checks her, Laura steals her gun and kills him.

You will have the opportunity to choose a syringe while you are exploring the police station. If you want to save Travis, use this syringe on Travis so that it loses consciousness while he tests you. It will save him.

How to kill or save Nika

Remember when Nick became a monster in the previous chapter? When Ryan and Laura roam the house of the Hickettes, they come across a prison camera. Inside they find a monster who is considered a nickname.

In fact, this monster is Nick, whom the hunters caught and put in prison for universal protection. Then Laura opens the camera and shoots at Nick.

If you want to save Nick, you must prevent Laura from opening a cage. Then she will not shoot at Nick, and he will survive after he is cured in subsequent chapters.

How to kill or save Dylan

This time you play Kaitlin and wander around the landfill, trying to find a car. Suddenly, Dylan sees from the tap that something from afar includes motion sensors. Upon further examination, he understands that this is a monster, and gives a sound signal to warn Caitlin.

This strategy will not work, and the monster will come for the nickname when he hears the beep. Caitlin will have the opportunity to break the monster with a machine, and if it misses, this monster will come for Dylan and kill him.

If you want to save Dylan, Caitlin must break the monster into Quick-Time Event and not miss. So Caitlin will kill the monster and save the life of Dylan.

How to kill or save Laura and Ryan

This time, Laura turned into a monster and tries to kill Travis. Ryan will receive a chance to shoot Chris Hickett, which will lead Laura to a normal life.

Then Travis will hit Laura with a fragment of glass and kill her in revenge for shooting him in a prison cell in chapter 7. Then he also kills Ryan, shooting him in his face.

Please note that in this chapter you cannot do anything to save Laura and Ryan. It all depends on what you did in chapter 7. If you did not shoot Travis in a prison cell, Travis will leave Loru and Ryan alone.

If you shot Travis in Chapter 7, you must return to replay the chapter, and not shoot him in order to later cause his sympathy.

How to kill or save Max

This time Max is on the island. A quick event occurs, and if Max decides to sail to the shore, he will be killed by Caleb, which is in the shape of a monster and waiting for it on the shore.

If you decide to stay in the docks, Max will survive because Caleb is on the other side. If you decide to swim, he will be killed.

How to kill or save Caitlin

Caitlin is one of the last who was killed in his career. This happens in the box when Caitlin and Caleb together. Please note that Caleb is a monster here.

A quick event occurs when Caleb is next to the stairs, and if you decide to wait, it will give Kalen enough time and a chance to kill Caitlin.

If Caitlin decides to shoot Caleb on the stairs when a quick event occurs, it will survive.

unlocking the ending Everyone is dying

You will receive the achievement of Hackett’s Quarry Massacre after killing all nine counselors in your career.

Unlocking the ending Everyone survives

If all the game characters survive and you will successfully collect all collecting items, you will receive the reward everything survive.

If you killed all the members of the Hakkett family, you will be rewarded with family affairs as a reward. You will also get a trophy Rough Night.

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