Seven Knights Netmarble, the representative IP, will improve earnings.

[Revolution Park Ye-jin reporter] Netmarble will improve earnings with the representative IP ‘Seven Knights’. Netmarble, who received the ‘Earth’ score report last quarter, has been paying attention to the second half of the year as a new work that trims popular IP.

The game industry is paying attention to Seven Knights Revolution, which is scheduled to be released in July. Seven Knights Revolution deals with the story of the Knights, which was established to save the world of chaos after the Seven Knights heroes disappeared as a large-scale multi-entertained role-playing game (MMORPG) that expanded the original ‘Seven Knights’.

Seven Knights was one of Netmarble’s strong intellectual property rights, and was released in 2014, and since the launch of the 2015 global launch, it has been the number one in Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore App Store, and has recorded 60 million downloads of global cumulative downloads..

On the 15th, it is also ahead of the global launch of ‘Money Kungya Island’ based on ‘Kungya’ IP. It is a popular ‘Merge’ genre mobile game that is popular in the Western region, and is characterized by the operation of creating new objects by combining three objects.

Merge Kungya Island is a differentiated factor in the Kungya IP previous game ‘Kungya Catch Mind Mobile’, unlike the Kungya characters and the worldview on the theme of ‘environment’. Netmarble’s 2003 Kungya is an eco-friendly character with the theme of vegetables, fruits, and rice balls.

The global performance of the ‘Second Country’, which was released on the 25th of last month, is also smooth. According to the sensor tower, ‘Second Nara’ Global was ranked 4th in the Philippines, No. 1 in Thailand, and third in Indonesia on the 13th of the Apple App Store’s highest sales.

Sales are also rising in the Western region. From the 3rd to the 13th, Google Play’s highest sales rose from 9th to 26th in the United States, 9th to 5th in the UK, and 21st to 10th in Germany.

In securities firms, Netmarble’s new game is an essential point. In particular, the attention is focused on the performance of ‘Seven Knights Revolution’. In Netmarble, every time he gives power to large IPs, such as Lineage 2 Revolution and Blade & Soul Revolution, he has grown sales.

Netmarble will hold a large showcase of Seven Knights Revolution on the 16th to reveal the specific release date. However, the securities price is expected to be reflected in June, so it is expected that full-scale turnaround will be possible in the second half.

Earlier, Netmarble increased by 10.71% YoY to W631.5bn in the first quarter of this year, but recorded ‘earning shock’ with operating losses of 11.9 billion won. The poor performance is analyzed to be due to the sluggishness of the major lineups in the first quarter of the major lineup.

Lee Ji-eun, a researcher at Daishin Securities, said, We believe that new results should be prioritized as the results of the games that the company have been released did not meet market expectations.

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