Bandai Namco released a trailer in honor of 20

Bandai Namco has published a video dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the series. Hack. The first game of the series,.hack // Infection, was released for PlayStation 2 June 20, 2002 in Japan-exactly 20 years ago.


In honor of such an event, Bandai Namco plans to release the anniversary book. Hack // 20th Anniversary Book, Artbook. Hack // 20th Game Art Works, as well as CD with soundtrack.Hack // 20TH BEST. In addition, in Japan, from August 9 to August 28, 2022 there will be a dedicated series. Hack Exhibition. Hack // 20th Anniversary Exhibit.

Bandai Namco has also recently registered Last Recollection brand, which can be regarded as a hint of the release of the first four games of the series. The last four games are available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC in format.HACK // G.U. Last Recode.

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