DLC, Battle Royale and more of Halo Infinite is filtered

_ Halo Infinite It is in a bad time. Although a new season is already underway, and 343 Industries are working to offer more and more content, players numbers are going down. Now, recently leaked information about the future of this title, which shows us forge’s gameplay, and even talk about DLC for the campaign.

Thanks to this filtration, it has been revealed that the rumored Battle Royale mode will have games where 60 people will compete to see who is the best, this along two maps. Unfortunately, this modality is still far from being a reality, since at the moment there is talk of an autumn of 2023, at least.

On the other hand, a couple of videos of the Forge mode have been leaked, which has had several closed tests in recent months. Here we can see a bit of the personalization that weapons will have . However, something related to the tools that the player will have at his disposal has been shared. Recall that the Forge mode will arrive at the end of infinite_ at the end of this year.

Finally, the youtuber known as Sean W has pointed out that a DLC for the Infinite Halo campaign, which would be related to the halo record: The Endless that was found a long time ago, is already in development. However, we would have to wait several years before this content is available .

We remind you that Ni 343 Industries or Xbox have confirmed or denied these rumors , and they are probable that they do not, so you have to take this information delicately. In related issues, the Chief of Design of Halo Infinite leaves 343 industries. Similarly, the cooperative mode comes to this game next month, but not as you expect.

Editor’s note:

A game of this type lives and dies for its content. However, waiting for months and months, or until years, is something unacceptable in the period we currently live. Competitors such as Fortnite and call of Duty: Warzone know this perfectly, and it seems that 343 industries does not understand it yet.

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