Ants Hell Strategy EMPIRES OF THE UNDERGROWTH Large Update Fire Ant Released on July 27 -Established two missions in the swamp

SLUG DISCO STUDIOS announced that it will release a large update Fire Ant on July 27, local time, and has released a trailer on July 27, local time, which is accessing early access to PC (Steam). did.

This work is a strategic simulation that conducts ants and expands the colony. Early access started in 2021. Players dig into the basement, build roads, food stores, childcare rooms, etc. to prepare for the ground exploration, order various types of ants to gain territory, collect resources, and dangerous beetles and spiders. I will overwhelm the terrifying enemies with the power of numbers. The key to the colony victory is to design the nest, the size of the army, and the composition of the unit while determining the time to march and the time to withdraw.

In the large update Fire Ant scheduled to be distributed this time, two story missions will be introduced on a swamp, but amphibians will be stuck in the swamp. A huge Titan will be added as a new enemy. Hiary can connect the body to create a float, cross water, and reach resources that have not been submerged before, and this ability is very useful in green swamps with many floods.

The ant Colony Strategy EMPIRES OF THE UNDERGROWTH, which will add new enemies and story missions, will be distributed on July 27, local time. Currently, it is currently being distributed early for PC (Steam) for 1,845 yen, 10%off until July 10. The demonstration version can also be downloaded.

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