Nexons new collective RPG Arent Twilight released

The title of Nexon’s new collection RPG project SF2 has been confirmed as ‘Argent Twilight’. In this regard, Nexon released a trailer video containing gameplay scenes through its own YouTube Nexon Mobile Games.

Argent Twilight is a global target mobile game that is developing aiming at the end plate of the collectable RPG at Nexon’s new development headquarters. Based on Unreal Engine 4, it aims to give a sense of watching one animation through full 3D cartoon rendering graphics and pleasant and plump storytelling.

The biggest feature of Arent Twilight is two things. The first is that it is a collection RPG. In order to be faithful to the collection of RPGs that collect and grow characters, there are numerous characters in Argent Twilight. At least 300 kinds of characters are available, and the relationship between these characters’ stories is to build a variety of interactive systems, such as the system, to prevent them from simply collecting good characters. It will help you to have affection.

Another feature is to maximize the strategy. The battle of Argent Twilight is tile optimized for mobile. It is to maximize the fun of the turn-based strategy, and the player must identify the characteristics of each character with various attributes, skills, and range, while considering the optimal party in consideration of the opponent.

In-depth stories are also essential. On the other hand, there are a variety of sub-scenarios, including the main story that feels like watching the animation, as well as the abduction where you can see the hidden stories of each character.

Meanwhile, Nexon’s vice president of Nexon said in August last year, when he released Nexon’s new works, the project SF2 (Arent Twilight) was the best collective RPG.

The domestic test and service schedule of ‘Project Twilight’ is undecided. However, as the trailer will be released and the game is registered with the Google Play Store and App Store, it is expected to release related information later.

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