[Issue] Game Committee, only adult games raised, prioritized review

The Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Game Committee’) has requested some adult games that are distributed in Steam without being deliberated. Currently, there are two games that the developer announced that the page views and purchases in Korea were suspended through the notice.

Oak Massage’s developer TorchenterTainment posted a notice on the 26th on the Steam product page titled ‘ORC Massage is located in Korea.’ The Korean government has asked Steam to ban the service of ‘Orc Massage’, and it has become a game that is difficult for Koreans to save in the future due to local restrictions. The developer said that it will continue to support Korean for users who have already purchased the game, and that they will be able to access the game through another store where the game is allowed.

One day later, from the Oak Massage developer, this time, the developer of the adult 2D simulation game ‘Incubus’ reported that the incubus Korean service was blocked. The Korean government sanctions some adult games, and it is not possible to solve this decision or solve the problem.

Both developers said that there was a ‘Korean government’ behind this day, but it was found that there was an active movement of the game on the background of the restrictions on the Korean region in certain adult games. The game committee asked Steam to restrict the domestic access to the adult game, and Steam responded to this and took immediate measures called ‘Korea Regional Restriction’.

Steam currently has a lot of adult games, and many of them are formally supported. Preventing the game that is being distributed without a deliberation is obviously the role of the game, but it is estimated that noise is being created because it began to impose sanctions without accurate standards. The most important thing at this point is that the game committee sets and discloses clear blocking standards.

In the gamestory, I asked about the adult game blocking standards set by the game and various questions that could arise at this time. First of all, the reason why ‘oak massage’ and ‘incubus’ were designated as the first target were because there was a specific complaint. The game commission was monitored, and after confirming that it was a ‘pornography’ content that was impossible to distribute domestic distribution, sanctions were delivered to Steam.

The only criterion for requesting a blocking cooperation from Steam is the only complaint. In the case of its own classification operators, it is possible to handle fast processing, while Steam is not a own class category. It is practically difficult to preemptively review and review the number of rejections of rejection in Steam, which is targeted at global operators.

The reason why the ‘Incubus’, which supported Korean through the user patch, was not the official Korean language support, the complaints were also subject to sanctions. After all, the important thing is not whether it is formally supported. The incubus was not deliberated, contained a level of content that could not be distributed in Korea even after being deliberated, and it was included in the first sanctions list because there was a decisive complaint.

An official of the Game Committee explained that the title, which is being distributed without deliberations, will be selected first and after reviewing the title. The game committee will not block adult games first, but sanctions can be applied sequentially according to the monitoring results for the adult game for steam.

Currently, the Game Committee is examining the classification of the game in three stages, including the first monitoring of more than 30 professional monitoring groups, the secondary review of the working department of about 10 people, and the meeting. The Game Commission explained that it is complex and judged whether the game is a disturbing social order, a complete exposure, but a sensational expression, or a specific description of sexual activity.

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