LOL: Awaken Gaming takes double in phase two of the Golden League

With only few remaining dates of the Golden League the teams take out all the strategies to stay in the tournament to find the best place in the playoffs, the Wolves team remains on the tip with a fairly wide domain, however, Things could be modified thanks to the power of dawn that comes with an aggressive style that has given him enough victories throughout the tournament.

The first meeting Awake Gaming against Pro42 taking aggressiveness with a lilia in the hands of empanadita with which it would havoc on all lines thanks to the strategies that the team of the awakening had been showing, the gameplay of the game was He turned to one side by leaving the power of his power to make his rivals fall bluntly taking the point.

The second game of the day was Zeu5 Bogotá facing Spirituals with wolves that showed the fangs with an azir in the hands of Hobbler to achieve the front in the central lane making clear its power in the crack, the team of the team Zb fell to his rivals in the fights per team to make the objectives that gave them an important advantage with which they would close the match would give them.

Moving to the third Osaka duel is measured against Awake gaming placing a kalist in the hands of Zantimon with which he would put the rivals tremble, making clear the domain of the power of the dawn, an encounter that was tilted from The beginning for AG who left the rivals screen gray to generate an advantage with which they would end up taking the match to continue taking important points in the table.

Close the day with a double the Awake Gaming Q Uien team seeks Determine the table accommodation in the face of the maximum clashes that could give the pass for promotion/relegation.

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