Doragami Games announced inheritance titles from Kadokawa Games. Popular titles such as LOVER and Lollipop chainsaw are restarted.

Dragami Games announced on July 1 that it started its business. Approximately 30 development staff from Kadokawa Games transferred to the company. He will continue to work on original games with a view to the global market. In addition, 15 titles that have been sold again have been announced by Dragami Games.

Yoshimi Yasuda, who leads Dragami Games, is a manager and game developer who has been the director of Lollipop Chainsaw and Relayer, released by Kadokawa Games. After serving as President of Techmo, he became President and CEO in Kadokawa Games, which was established in 2009. He has also been involved as a producer in √letter is a route letter and Demonggaze.

Dragami Games, on the other hand, is a new company established on May 13 with Yoshimi Yasuda and Satoshi Fuyuno, a director of Kadokawa Games, became independent than Kadokawa Games. According to a press release on May 26, some businesses of Kadokawa Games have succeeded to the company due to the company split. It was also announced that Extreme would participate in capital.

The announcement reveals that Dragami Games will start business on July 1 and that about 30 staff members have been transferred from Kadokawa Games. At the same time, Dragami Games has been announced that 15 titles will be launched. Both are titles that were previously released by Kadokawa Games. The specific title lineup and platforms are as follows. Sales for Steam and PS Vita are scheduled to start as soon as the transfer work is completed.

Relayer PS4/PS5

GOD WARS-Over time ~ PS4/PS Vita

GOD WARS Japan Mythology Wars PS4/PS Vita/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam)

√Letter Route Letter PS4/PS Vita/PC (Steam)

√Letter Retorter Last Answer PS4/PS Vita/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam)

Root Film PS4/Nintendo Switch

Demong Gaze PS Vita

Demon Gaze Global Edition PS Vita

Demong Gaze 2 PS Vita


Demong Gaze 2 Global Edition PS4/PS Vita

Demon Gaze Extra PS4/Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam)


Lover Kiss PS4/Nintendo Switch

The Lost Child PS4/PS Vita

Natural Doctrine PS3/PS4/PS Vita

As for the movement of Dragami Games, information is being sent from Twitter count by Yoshimi Yasuda. The Lollipop Chainsaw declared that it will be revived when it celebrates the 10th anniversary. He has announced that the GOD WARS series is being developed under the theme of The end of Japanese myths-the world of God to the world of people. Dragami Games will be able to proceed with both works. Also, from today, the official website of Dragami Games and the official Twitter account have started. For the Twitter account and YouTube account, the official account of Kadokawa Games seems to be transformed into a dragami games account.


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