Best Maker Nexon Games, Star Developer One Full

Nexon Games, which was launched in March of this year, will foretell the launch of the first game ‘Hit 2’ and join the full-scale competition. Nexon Games, which has been merged by Net Games and ‘Sudden Attack’ developer Nexon Giti for every game, is expected to play a role in the box office lineup of Nexon’s camp.

Nexon Games (CEO Park Yong-hyun) was launched in March as an integrated corporation with Net Games and Nexon GT. With the merger of the two companies, Nexon Games has emerged as a large game developer of more than 1,000 employees. In particular, Lee Jung-heon, CEO of Nexon Korea, was evaluated as being in the Nexon Group so that he joined as an internal director earlier this year. The market cap also exceeded 1 trillion won.

The company is a live game of live games such as ‘Sudden Attack’, which is in full swing even in the 17th year of service, a mobile MMORPG ‘V4’, which won the Korea Game Awards Presidential Award, and a collective RPG ‘Blue Army’, which has reached the top of major app market popularity rankings. In addition to stable development, the company is also accelerating its new work.


Nexon Games is developing a variety of genres such as hits 2, Bail Expert, Project Magnum, and Project Zeus, such as large-scale multi-speed play games (MMORPGs), shooting, and root shooting. This is different from other studios that are developed only by focusing on specific genres.

Nexon Games’ major developers also have a unique history. Park Yong-hyun, CEO of Nexon Games, leads Lineage 2, ‘Terra’, ‘Hit’, and ‘V4’, and is a star developer who has been awarded the Korean game award four times. He is active.

Hit 2, which began pre-booking on the 30th of last month and predicted a full-fledged competition, is a project in which Park Young-sik PD is in charge of development. Park Young-sik has served as the director of Lineage Eternal in NCsoft until 2016. Since 2018, he has joined Net Games and has been in charge of ‘Overheat’ Japanese version PD.

Hit 2 is a numbering title following the action game ‘Hit’, which was the first Google Play sales to Nexon in 2015, and is a MMORPG that focuses on large-scale battles from the time of launch. It is expected to be released in the second half of this year.

Bailed Expert, known as ‘Project D’, is a new work led by Kim Myung-hyun, general manager of Sudden Attack. Since 2008, Kim Myung-hyun, head of the Live Service Team for Maple Story, has been a representative of Neople since 2015 for his contribution to the game as the head of Nexon’s Sudden Attack since 2011. Since 2018, he has been in charge of Bail Expert as the head of Nexon Games and Nexon Games Development Division.

Bade Expert is a third-person shooting (TPS) game that contains the performance of the secret organization ‘VX’ agents. Based on the bombing mission, which combines nine agents to explode or release bombs at the target point, it is a product obtained from the game, and the shops that purchase special items and weapons for team tactics, and the unique skills and realistic skills of each character who creates various variables in the game. Strategic play elements such as combat action have been strengthened.

PD Kim Yong-ha, who is currently in charge of live service, is also famous for its ‘Seongdeok’ developer among domestic subculture gamers. By 2018, he joined the 2018 Net Games in the Smilegate, and he joined the Net Games in 2018.

Blue Army is a collection RPG that contains various students in the school city, and was first released in Japan, the home of subculture culture, and succeeded in the Korean and global markets in November last year.

As such, Nexon Games, which is a well-known developer, is interested in securing synergy with the merger of both companies and achieving visible results. In particular, the point is to see whether Park Yong-hyun’s Yongin-sul and Star developers, who made hits, overheats, and V4, which were released since the establishment of Net Games in 2013, will meet their expectations.

Park Yong-hyun said at the launch of Nexon Games in March this year, Nexon Games’ biggest assets are developers with the highest level of experience and skills in various genres. We will leap as a leading developer through the expansion of platforms and genres.

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