Nexon participates in G -Star 2022 with 300 booths

Nexon has confirmed its participation in ‘G-Star 2022’ with 300 booths, the largest single.

An official of Nexon said on the 5th, We will operate 300 booths and outdoor exhibition halls, the largest B2C Hall in G-Star 2022, and said, We will also have 30 booths in the B2B building to interact with various partners.

Nexon has participated in G-Star for two years since 2020. Earlier, Nexon participated in 300 booths in G2C in G-Star in 2017 and 2018. Nexon presented 14 games, including 11 mobile and 3 PCs during G-Star 2018.

There are a variety of games that Nexon is likely to showcase this G-Star. Among Nexon’s new pipeline in the first quarter’s conference call, games that have not been released in G-Star can be released. Currently, Nexon is ‘Cart Rider Drift’, ‘Tales Weaver: Second Run’, ‘Jinsam Warriors 8 Mobile’, ‘Project HP’, Collective RPG ‘Arent Twilight (Project SF2)’ The company is developing the basis of ‘overkill’, ‘Mabinogi Mobile’, and the popularization of siege ‘Prasian Electric (Project ER)’.

An official of Nexon said, The exhibits and slogans that will be presented at G-Star will be released later.

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