Fall Guys continues to break records: more than 50 million players after two weeks free

Fall Guys, the Battle Royale party game MediaTonic that became free-to-play at Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS5 and PS4 on June 21, it has a second life! In fact, after a resonant launch almost two years ago, Fall Guys is breaking a new record of players.

A second youth


Fall Guys owes its success mainly to the enthusiasm of many streamers in Twitch , who quickly turned Battle Royale into a multiplayer classic. Today it is still very popular among the creators of content and their spectators communities, it was to become free on all the platforms that Fall Guys exploded his record of players.

In fact, only 48 hours after becoming free-to-play, Fall Guys already got the frying number of 20 million players , despite some small server and connectivity problems. Today, two weeks after this feat, the MediaTonic team celebrates the 50 million players with a tweet.

Of course, Each success does not come without its part of negativity. Just look at the answers under the top of the top to see that a handful of players is complaining about the change in the financial model that has given way to the microtransactions , the progression system or even the multiplatform that, after them, accuse it of being unfair (when in reality a high percentage of this type of games is based on randomness).

Despite these criticisms, Fall Guys continues his impulse and even launches a new limited challenge in time , such as the current abstergo challenge. Call for the industries of the same name that serve as a facade for the order of the Templars, it is an event to celebrate the crossover with the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

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