How to find Electroculus south of Amakumo Peak in Genshin Impact – Seirai Island Seelie puzzle

Seirai Island from Genshin Impact is home to 35 Electrokuli, many of which are located in a cluster of landforms high above Amakumo Peak. You will find one floating above the water between the south of Amakimo Peak and the islet below it. If you follow the Seelie to the southernmost islet, you can reach Electroculus with Thunder Orbs.

How to lead the Seelie south of Seirai Island in Genshin Impact

Before you can find Electroculus, you first need to find the Seelie in question. Head to the area marked on the map below to find the Electro Seelie near the Phase Gate. This part is optional-if you don’t see the Seelie in the area marked below, you may have channeled them in the past. In this case, you can move on to the next part of the guide.

Approach Electro Seelie and follow him up the mountain. It will fly up eventually, so interact with the nearby Thunder Sakura Branch to pick up an Electro Granum and then go up using the Thunder Orbs. When you see the Seelie on the floating rock, approach him and he will fly even higher.

If you can no longer use Thunder Orbs after approaching the Seelie, simply slide down and interact with the Thunder Sakura Branch again to get another Electro Granum. As before, climb up with Thunder Orbs until you see Seelie-this time on a higher cliff. Upon approaching the Seelie, the puzzle will end, rewarding you with a Shared Chest.

Where to find Electroculus south of Amakumo Peak in Genshin Impact

You will find another Thunder Sakura Branch next to Good Mail. Interact with him to push you up again. Keep going up until you see the Electroculus pictured above. Slide over to the Electroculus to collect it.

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