[Ranking Analysis] Summer festival with a meteorologist, Lost Ark reclaimed 3rd place

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■ Rank Analysistory Ranking-The highlight of the summer event, online games that started ‘growth support’
(PC room usage rate, Rank Analysistory user voting, community response, etc. are collected and selected)
In this week’s online game leaderboard, Lost Ark, which started a major summer event with the introduction of a new class ‘Meteorologist’, climbed two steps compared to last week and settled in 3rd place.

Smilegate RPG updated a variety of things to enjoy, such as the new class ‘Meteorologist’ on the 6th, ‘Hyper Express Plus’, a growth support event, and ‘2022 SUMMER Maharaka Festival’, a summer event. The new class ‘Meteorologist’ is the second class of the specialist profession who appealed to the cuteness as a painter.

Lost Ark will hold the ‘Hyper Express Plus’ event until September 29, and users can use their jumping tickets to instantly grow their desired character to item level 1,340, and continue their adventures from ‘South of Bern’. You can also participate in various summer festival events to obtain various rewards.

Summer events where users can develop their characters faster and more comfortably are presented in various games. ‘Elsword’, which has risen by 5 steps from last week, is also running various events along with Rena’s new 4th line, ‘Profitis’ update.

Meanwhile, Gravity’s online RPG ‘Ragnarok’, which celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, also rose two places after re-entering the leaderboard at No. 46 last week. Celebrating the 20th anniversary, various events such as ‘Mega Booster Promotion’ to support character growth and IP collaboration events are being held. We are going to proceed.

■ Domestic PC Room Ranking-July 1st Weekly PC Room Weekly Report

Based on The Log, a PC room game statistics service provided by the Ghetto, the total number of PC rooms used nationwide in the first week of July was 18.5 million hours, an increase of 4.3% compared to the previous week and a 15.9% increase compared to the previous month. The weekly utilization rate of the PC room was 14.1% on weekdays and 19.9% on weekends, recording an average of 15.8% during the week.

In terms of PC room share by game, the shares of League of Legends and FIFA Online 4, which were ranked 1st and 2nd, decreased slightly, and MapleStory took 3rd place with an increase of more than 10% compared to last week. Lost Ark had a 57.9% increase in usage time compared to last week due to effects such as the 2022 summer update and the release of a new class meteorologist, and ranked fifth after Sudden Attack. The Log predicts that the competition for ranking of the TOP 5 games will intensify as each game enters the full-fledged summer season, with updates and new content additions.

Other games that have detected an increase in PC room usage time this week are as follows. First, Valorant’s ranking did not change, but usage time increased by 10.9% compared to last week, and Dungeons & Fighter, which started a new scenario quest and summer event, also recorded 13.2% higher usage time than last week. Lineage, which started the ‘King’s Hunting’ event on the 6th of last week, also showed a 6.9% increase in usage time and ranked 14th.

Pole Guys’ PC room usage time, which is attracting attention due to various events after the conversion to free, also increased by 55.1% compared to last week. With this, Paul Guys succeeded in setting the 24th place, up nine places from last week, beating out Blade & Soul and Diablo Immortal.

■ Steam Game Trends of the Week

According to Steam user statistics, Smilegate’s MMORPG Lost Ark succeeded in surpassing 300,000 concurrent users for the first time since the user count plummeted last month. This is an increase of more than 50,000 concurrent users compared to last week.

‘Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’, which has brought back many hunters since its official release on June 30, is also showing solid results, maintaining the highest number of concurrent users of 190,000 per day as of two weeks after its release.

According to the trend index, the management simulation ‘Sword and fairy inn 2’ developed by Softstar Entertainment in China is receiving the most attention. It is a spin-off work of the famous Chinese IP, ‘The Battle of Swordsmanship’, and it seems that various activities such as managing the ‘gaekzan’, which are indispensable in martial arts, raising ingredients, and traveling to the outside world are possible. However, Korean language is not supported, and user evaluation is also recorded as ‘complex’.

Next, the game that has recently increased the number of users is ‘Baldur’s Gate 3’, a classic RPG that was released in early access around October 2020 and is under development with the goal of an official release in 23rd. The number of users seems to have increased as the new class, the Bard, can be nurtured through a recent update.

■ Domestic mobile game rankings

In this week’s mobile leaderboard, Uma Musume, who turned down, took 6th place on the Google Play Store and 9th place on the Apple App Store, respectively. came. FIFA Online 4’s strength is prominent in the Apple App Store and One Store.

IGG’s idle RPG Mytic Heroes is doing well in the free-to-play game rankings. The game, which was officially released on the 6th, is an idle game that advocates easy operation and automatic battle.

‘Titan Slayer’, which ranked first in the Apple App Store’s popularity, is a game developed by Touchholic, an indie game developer, and serviced by Dreamplay Games. It is a card battle game that mixes TCG and RPG based on roguelike, and you can lead turn-based battles by using cards with various actions written on them.

Meanwhile, the new mobile game ‘Fairy Tail: The Great Journey’, launched by GamePub on the 7th, has landed first in the One Store popularity. It is a collectible strategy RPG developed using the IP of the Japanese animation ‘Fairy Tail’, which is well known in Korea, and you can check the animations that Kodansha directly participated in.

■ Vote for Rank Analysis Popular Games

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