[Picture diary of Terukazu Yoshida] Even beginners can become drivers like berserkers in the clash race game REC FEST.

I have lived a life unrelated to automobiles.

So, I don’t know the difference between the car models, and I don’t know why mini cars are called light. Oh, I know that if you add light oil, it will break. **

Because I am such a person, I have hardly touched a racing game with tuning and customization elements. Well, it’s a PR article, so I’ll avoid the name, but the experience of racing games is that I played shells and throwing guys a little.

This time, the Nintendo Switch version of Wreckfest released by THQ Nordic. This is a clash race game where you can use various types of cars such as school buses, lawn mowers and sofas to explode the course and destroy rival cars and objects.

Yes, it’s a racing game. **

Letting me, who has a lot of driving experience in the game world, write a PR article for racing games… Okay, let’s do it!

If you think it’s a race, deathmatch with a lawn mower! ?? **

This work is a career that wins race events held under various conditions, tournaments that clear regularly prepared challenges, custom events where you can freely decide the conditions of the race, online competition with up to 16 people There are four multiplayer modes that you can enjoy.

Let’s play from the career first.

I see, does this mode progress by accumulating points?

At first, you can only play race events in the local junior championships, but by maximizing your progress, you can participate in other championships.

For the time being, do you want to try CHALENGE EAT DIRT!?

The square figure displayed on the right side of the screen looks like the shape of the course. For me, who is a beginner in racing games, I am grateful that it is a simple course that does not seem to have sharp curves.

Well, the bonus target does the most damage ?

In addition, it was written that 3 or more cars will be wrecked is a noisy thing.

Maybe… isn’t this a normal race? **

The race is about to begin! The countdown is… Is my car a lawn mower? **

Isn’t there a course in the first place?

The countdown ends with confusion, and 16 cars start running all at once.

Oh, all the other cars are lawn mowers! **

All cars start running towards the center… and crash! People are being blown away! **

It seems that it wasn’t a race, but a deathmatch where the racer who crashed more cars won.

The broken part of your car is displayed at the bottom left of the screen, and it will crash if it receives more than a certain amount of damage. In this deathmatch, you can respawn even if you crash, so you can hit it without worrying about retirement!

It was so much fun that the tension went up and the breathing sounds became like gorillas !

The remaining time is 5 seconds. It’s the finish by hitting that unbalanced and leaning yellow car!

That’s a four-person crash at the same time! ?? **

Apparently other rivals were also aiming for that car. Catastrophe!

Customize and decorate your favorite car! **

Although I was in a hurry at the end, I was able to finish first!

By clearing the race event, in addition to the progress points of the career, experience points and money for leveling up were obtained.

As the level goes up, you will be able to buy new cars and parts.

Depending on the race, the type of car is specified, so it seems that you need to buy various things.

The parts are divided into three categories: performance that influences performance parts such as the engine, armor that enhances strength, and visuals that decorate the appearance.

Since the status such as acceleration power and top speed is quantified, even I who is a car onchi can understand at a glance which part should be selected to increase which item.

I mean, I don’t know anything about cars, but I can customize them! **

Well, I bought a shark object that has nothing to do with performance.

Let’s challenge the next battle with this car!

Destruction ants to obstruction! After all the race is not normal

This time, it’s not a deathmatch but a race to compete for ranking.

If you think that the shark object is cute and nice… The shark is in the way and it’s hard to see the front! **

You can switch the viewpoint from the driver’s point of view, but then you won’t be able to see the shark objects on the ceiling.

…… The race started while I was worried!

After all this race is not normal! Rival cars are bumping into each other, obstacles can be smashed, and it’s pretty fierce!

Ah ah ah ah! **

The car behind me crashed into me… my cute shark car turned over!

A car that has collided will be certified as a rival, and bonus points will be added if it is repeated.

If you do it, you can do it again!

Alright, I’ll use a rear-end collision to turn a corner without slowing down!

not yet! Double back!

Guide them to collide with obstacles or drive them into the forest off course!

…… The car is tattered …… And it has become the lowest.

From now on, I have to participate in the race properly and become the 1st place…

Unlimited selection of courses and machines at custom events! **

I finally cleared the local junior championship by exploding the figure 8 course with a lawn mower and fighting against each other with a compact car.

Next, I’m going to win the domestic amateur championship… and before that, let’s play a custom event.

Custom events are a mode in which you can choose any course or car without any restrictions.

This is fun!

Immediately, I chose a huge school bus only for myself and tried to harass my rival’s car.

Fufufu, a big accident has occurred!

Which car should I choose next?

…… Oh, there’s a sofa. What a sofa! ?? **

And this sofa… It has tires! **

I’m running normally…

It’s so much fun to race on the couch!

Alright, it’s a big jump! Huh!

When you actually sit on the sofa and play, you will feel a sense of reality and the tension will rise ~~~! (I’m a little worried about cats looking with frosty eyes)

However, the sofa is a sofa after all ……

That’s what happens when you hit a car. **

However, in this work, as long as the car body is not completely damaged, you can run again in any accident.

How many times…

As mentioned above, racing games were one of my weak genres, so when I wrote this article, I was worried that I couldn’t clear even one race and I might get stuck…


The difficulty level can be adjusted in 4 steps from easy to extra hard, and it is also equipped with assist functions such as sideslip prevention, so even beginners can enjoy a hot battle for the top position!

Delicate driving techniques weren’t required that much. There is a rule that you win if you destroy all the rival cars, so when you were in a corner, you intentionally hit the rival’s car and turned instead of a cushion. **

Also, in customization and tuning, it was explained in an easy-to-understand manner what kind of effect would be obtained by playing with which item. I’m grateful that I could manage without knowing the terms and the names of the parts.

I would like to recommend this one to people who are not good at racing games like me!

The Nintendo Switch version of REC FEST will be released on July 14, 2022.

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