How to get a set of CDL Champs Pack 2022 in Cod Vanguard and Warzone

Every year, several thematic Call of Duty League cosmetic sets are added to the most recent Call of Duty games. One of these packages is the annual package of the CDL championship, which contains such awards as drawings of weapons, operators, emblems, stickers and much more. Thus, the game developers recently presented CDL Champs Pack 2022 for Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard. You can access the new CDL set from July 13, 2022 in the COD store. The package costs $ 14.99 and contains nine cosmetic awards.

all objects are included in the Call of Duty League Championship Pack 2022.

Champions CDL *-The legendary skin of the operator for Padmavati
CDL Champs Ar -drawing of legendary weapons for StG44
CDL Champs Smg -Drawing of the legendary weapon for MP-40
Your gold *-A rare business card
Chibi -A rare business card
CDL 2022 -A rare sticker
CDL Trophy 2022 *-A rare sticker
Throne of the CDL championship-a rare emblem
weekend of the CDL 2022 championship-A rare emblem


How to get a champions set CDL 2022

In the main menu of the game, go store section
Click on franchise store in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also access the franchise store by scrolling to the end of the COD store.
Now scroll down until you find Call of Duty League-a set of champions CDL 2022 a bunch
Open the element and click Buy package Complete payment

You can also buy a set in the official store of your platform-PlayStation Store, Xbox Store and Store. If you cannot find purchased items, restarting the game can help solve the problem and let you equip items.

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