In the coming week from 18. Till July 22nd we climb into the time maker on theme week and take a trip back to 1995. The year in which the PlayStation in Germany was released on September 29. For 5 days whatever rotates around the PSX.

that awaits you in the PS1 theme week

Certainly, we look back on our favorite PlayStation games such as Smackdown 2, Final Fantasy 7 or Breath of Fire 3. In enhancement to the standards, special minutes, the peculiarities as well as traits of the gray box in addition to the technical side of the console are likewise the focus.

This is just how the theme week begins on Monday:

  • Chris tells what the black PS1 discs were all around
  • Jonathan covers the golden age of the scary

Customarily, we will sum up all published articles below in the news article. So you do not miss any one of the many attractive memories.

your ideal moment with the Playstation

Obviously, the topic weeks on theme week likewise live from your input. As constantly, we would certainly be extremely satisfied if you tell us concerning your most gorgeous memories of the PSX age in the comments. Which video games do you link with all unique moments, which peculiarities of the PlayStation do you still keep in mind today?

We are extremely excited regarding your tales!

In the coming week from 18. Until July 22nd we climb right into the time equipment on theme week and also travel back to 1995. The year in which the PlayStation in Germany was launched on September 29.

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