[Interview] Kingdom: Blood of Royal reinterpreted by mobile action master

The game play video of ‘Kingdom: The Blood of the Royal’ was released on the 12th, based on the Netflix drama ‘Kingdom’, which was well received by the combination of the Joseon Dynasty and Zombie Thriller. In this video, the protagonist dressed in God and coated not only cut the zombies to the click, but also avoided the onslaught of the enemy officer who had the Wondo, and then broke the balance by kicking. In the midst of low temperatures, zombies were sending out and the setting that they were sensitive to zombie smells, and even suddenly rushed out after the doors, sticking out or cutting the enemy in the dark. In addition, some of the backgrounds from dramas such as palaces, brothers, and military were confirmed.

Action Square, which has shown high-quality action such as ‘Blade’ from the beginning of the mobile game, shows ‘Kingdom: Wanga’s Blood’. In this game, which is based on mobile, but emphasizes 100% manual action, it was possible to hear how to solve the original worldview, beauty, and action.

** Q. Kingdom: Since the release of the royal blood game play trailer, it has received a lot of attention at home and abroad.

Park Joo-sang td: I didn’t think it would be an issue. Above all, I was surprised that there was no bad thing. It was not a high resolution because it made the video in a hurry with only the resources under development, and I thought it would be a little short. But it is so good to see it so good. You should make it better.

Kang Hyun-min AD: The graphics side talks a lot, so the burden is high. I have to make a lot. I thought this.

Kang Hyung-seok PD: I didn’t put cinematics, but I showed only things made of in-game resources. In the gameplay, Kingdom fans wanted to show the actions they expect. Of course, those who expected the console game were a bit disappointing.

Both domestic and abroad are concerned about mobile games, and we will change the concern to the exclamation point. To do this, I’m working hard to show graphics and action beyond mobile. Of course, there are PC clients, but I think you will have fun on mobile.

In recent years, mobile games are out of automatic one side and the fun of manual operation, and the games that pursue these things are not popular one by 1. Especially in games that support cross play, such trends are seen.

** Q. There was a lot of reactions that it was like a soul-like after seeing an action that avoided the dark atmosphere or a shield or bounced with a shield.

Kang Hyung-seok PD: We are also users who like action games such as Soul Lake. Rather than seeing a certain genre and making the same, I wondered what the fun action was. I thought about how to take advantage of the action of action.

Of course, since Prom Software created a trend called Soul Lake, it is a sense of action game developers. In fact, I enjoyed it all the time after the launch of Eldenling. Dark Soul and Sekiro are the same. The comments also talked about Ghost of Tsushima, which also made it really fun. Other developers are similar. I think the experience of having fun while enjoying various action games did not melt.

In addition to the inspiration we received in the action game we enjoyed in the past, we have referred to the previous work experience. In particular, did we not show multiple mobile action games, including ‘Blade’? At that time, I am thinking from various angles that we will melt various things, such as the know-how and the action of the original, and show how to show the action and game of the royal family.

Q. Kingdom: The game play trailer was released 10 months after the release of the royal teaser. When did the development be carried out?

Kang Hyung-seok PD: A year and a half ago. Many developers have been together with team members, and veterans have gained experience in Nexon and NC, so the development speed itself is fast. Nevertheless, we are still preparing in many ways. The gameplay trailer shows very partly, and the schedule is still hard to say.

Q. Since the story of the original is a response all over the world, what kind of story does the game solve in relation to the original? Also, I wonder if the characters from the original will appear in the game.

Kang Hyung-seok PD: The main episode of the original, ie, season 1 to 2, consists of 4 stages by chapter in 10 chapters. It was more noticeable that it was ‘experience’ rather than following the story. In more detail, the user wanted to feel the experience of experiencing the battle in major areas of the original works such as Dongnae Province, Sangju, and Hanyang at the point of view of Lee Chang.

So, not only the background but also the enemies that appeared in many ways. Not only zombies, but also samurai and sickness coming to catch Lee Chang, as well as the main characters as a boss, I careed about how to solve the game while making the original feeling.

Another add to each character’s weapon is fixed. Lee Chang is designed to be used only, and adds characters using other weapons. In addition, the scenario is prepared differently to ensure that when each character enters the episode, it is not a copy of the original character setting, relationship, and the story.

** Q. ‘Kingdom’ is one of the works that spread the beauty of the hanbok to the world. How did you want to save the details of the hanbok in the game? Also, I wonder how I wanted to reveal the beauty on a limited platform on a small screen called mobile.

Kang Hyun-min AD: I have to confirm what kind of doubles I have come out in the original, so I kept running the drama several times during the development and I kept turning the other clothes. In addition, I bought a variety of books and materials related to hanbok, verified it, and thought about which parts should be pointed out.

Kang Hyung-seok PD: Art Team is studying various doubles. In addition to the outfits in the original, there are many things that are prepared in various ways. The game is a shoulder view, but the PC screen is large, so I don’t have to worry much. Mobile has a small screen, but recently, graphics and this have not been much better than before. Once you look at your unique features rather than form, you can see the feeling and beauty when you see it in a shoulder view.

In addition, I care about it, but it is not because the mobile is small, so it is not the case, but rather that it can capture the action fully. The action of ‘Kingdom’ is not simply wielding a sword, but there is also a ‘line’ that is drawn by flying the coating or clothes. When I wore a scroll, when I wore the armor, the feeling and the line were different. It is prepared in many ways to see and see it on mobile.

In addition to the costume, we will add not only in the drama but also to add Korean traditional doubles to the game. The art team is preparing in many ways.


Q. In particular, when you look at the gameplay trailer, you can see the details of the hanbok’s fabric. Can you see these details in the mobile environment as well as PC clients? What is the secret of doing that?

Kang Hyun-min AD: First of all, I saw a lot of books related to hanbok and did R & D. If you have a hanbok, you don’t wear dan, hem, or wider, and not bee. As I moved, I thought it was an important point when the beauty of the beauty, which fluttered and fluttered and the lines overlapped with the action.

I wondered how to make the fluttering pretty, but I designed it from the bones. There were a lot of concerns from the animation stage. At first, I applied only a physical engine, but no matter how much it alone didn’t have a natural fluttering. In addition, if you put a physical engine and apply all kinds of variables, you could not use the CPU too smoothly.

So I chose to mix animation and physics. The programming team also helped me when I implemented physical implementation, and based on it, the awkward parts were supplemented with key animations one by 1. If you want to run and want to be awkward, you have modified the key animation one by one.

Park Joo-sang td: I have written all the Piemes we know. Eventually, the physical engine alone realized that there is still a limit, and the artists have suffered a lot in that area.

Kang Hyung-seok PD: ‘Love Death Robot’ Hibaro has made a sweat without motion capture. It may be reversed in the times, but I wanted to be the artist’s efforts to shine. The unique taste of wielding the sword while flying is still difficult with the physical engine.

** Q. In the video that has been released so far, the main character is wearing a scroll and using a sword.

Kang Hyung-seok PD: As I said before, Lee Chang uses only Hwando. That’s why he must defeat enemies using various weapons as well as zombies. He instead shows a deeper action and sleeps.

If there are several weapons, the Move per weapon is inevitable. Kingdom: In the blood of the royal family,

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