F1 22: The best tips and tricks for racing simulation

For racing drivers, Formula 1 is already a effort to bring the car to the finish line. The situation is no different in simulation f1 22. To get your digital racing driver career to the next level, you can find out in our F1-22 tips guide :

  • How best to train
  • What settings you should activate and deactivate
  • What strategies are on the slopes

Do you want to memorize the courses? Then we have an overview of all routes in F1 22 for you.

tips on driving aids & other settings in F1 22

Driving aids are a good option for newcomers to F1 in order to be able to ride in the ideal line. The brake assistant, the traction aid and the anti-blocking system will help you with your first rounds and give you a feeling for driving the individual racing sled.

But do not rest in these settings and deactivate the driving aids as soon as you want to chase the best times. Because the help brakes you and prefer to be on the safe side instead of using the ideal pace. Above all, the ERS energy recovery system rarely finds sensible use.

Adjustment of the on-screen display

Not only the driving aids can be adjusted. The on-screen display (OSD) can also be set up according to your wishes . In the corresponding setting menu, any overlays can be set, hidden or changed while driving.

Above all, you should activate the virtual rearview mirror here, ** because you recognize overtaking maneuvers of your opponents faster. It is best to play with all settings to find the perfect setting for you.

Important: Adjust the camera

Another visual point is the preferred camera perspective. During the journey you can switch between the cockpit view and a rear camera. The latter option offers you more overview of the route, but also takes a lot of the flair of F1 22.

Under the menu item camera adjustment you can do a lot of fine tuning. Depending on which perspective you prefer, you can expand or reduce the distance and the field of vision. The camera can also be completely deactivated.

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best times with the right training

Practice creates masters! This rule also applies in F1 22. Only through driving do you get a feeling for the vehicles and the routes. It works best with the time trial mode. Here you are alone on the track and can test braking points in as many rounds as you want, trying out accelerations or studying curves.

Thanks to a ghosts , you can try to make your previous rounds and recognize where mistakes happen and where the last important second can still be fetched out.

If you feel safe enough in the cockpit, Detective the various training tasks that await you on every Grand Prix weekend. They are not only a good exercise, they also offer a lot of variety. So you have to drive through different goals or should not remove more than two meters from the ideal line during a complete round.

Finally, you should also devote yourself to career mode. Here you will be introduced slowly and gently to the many mechanics of F1 22. We recommend starting in Formula 2, Since the F2 cars offer more traction and do not achieve the top speeds of the premier class. In addition, the races are shorter and the rules are made easier.

the right strategy during the race

In addition to the entire settings and exercise rounds, there is a lot to consider during a current Grand Prix. ** This starts with the start position and the first pit stop. So an overcut is a good opportunity to overtake on the box. Or change the tires when you notice that the current setup does not offer enough grip.

Also pay attention to the drag reduction system (DRS). It is the most important aspect that determines your overtaking chance. Keep a distance of less than a second to the opponent in front to activate the adjustable rear wing and start the overtaking maneuver-does not hesitate too long.

Pay attention to the tire abrasion during the race. The more you steer, the more the tires use. Therefore, always drive calmly and avoid unnecessary turning over. You should also avoid border stones as far as possible. Although they are less slippery compared to F1 2021, they continue to be a danger that should not be underestimated. Depending on the amount of the curbs, they can even damage the substructure of the F1 carver.

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