Handy video game copies cheeky The Witcher 3 and comes to be a laughing number

The cell phone game Rise of the Kings promotes that it is like The Witcher 3 and collects a lot of ridicule on the web. We explain to you what the brazen clone is all about and also why the truth looks really various.


RISE OF THE Kings: The brazen was not yet a cell phone game

Maybe it’s his missing out on twin bro Harold von Rivera, as a Reddit user keeps in mind ironical.

Incidentally, you can see below the original art work: .

Yet fun aside, with the marketing to ROK it is plainly a astonish duplicate to a preferred artwork by The Witcher 3. The posture, the font style and the general coloring were adopted nearly identically. Even the logo design of The Witcher 3, the 3 red lines, made it 1-1 on the advertising and marketing to Rise of the Kings.

It is obvious that the advertising of cell phone games has nothing to do with the actual item in most cases. In this context, bad tongues might speak of harmful deception Nonetheless, there are rarely going against the responsible developers as well as so numerous duplicates of popular games frolic in the Google Play Store. Including the brazen clones of Minecraft, GTA or perhaps Guys.

Now an advertisement for the mobile video game Increase of the Kings has actually appeared on Reddit, which is difficult to outbid . On the screenshot to ROK, just how the game is shortened, you can see a number that has a striking similarity to Geralt of Riva, the protagonist from the very prominent Witcher video games.

followers make enjoyable of the Wish-Witcher

The cell phone game Rise of the Kings markets that it is like The Witcher 3 and also gathers lots of ridicule on the internet. Fun apart, with the advertising to ROK it is clearly a astonish copy to a prominent artwork by The Witcher 3., The cell phone game has absolutely nothing with each other with the Witcher video games. ** In reality, ROK is an approach game.

Nonetheless, the entire incident only becomes foolish when you check out Surge of the Kings in the Google Play Store. Since Oh, wonder!, The cell phone game has nothing along with the Witcher video games. In reality, ROK is a technique video game. This uses a dream circumstance, apart from that however there is nothing reminiscent of the open globe role-playing video games from CD Projekt Red.

In any instance, the equivalent post goes viral on Reddit and ensures all kinds of mockery from the neighborhood. This is how the Wish variant of Geralt is called Beralt from Bolivia, Jerry from Nivea or just The Bitcher. One more customer is anticipating meeting his heart lady Hennifer or his devoted steed instructor.

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