Craftton, the virtual human ANA worldview disclosure

[Ye-jin reporter Park Ye-jin reporter] Craepton (CEO Kim Chang-han) unveiled the unique worldview of the virtual human ‘ANA’ and the short foam content of Anna’s daily life.

According to the introduction, Anna is a ‘positive energy evangelist’ that conveys positive influence to the world through music and entertainment. Influencer.

The identity of the green crystal ring on Anna’s finger, which came out of the first teaser image released in June, was also revealed. The green crystal ring gives Ana a teleportation of the real world and gives the world a new way to interact with the world. In addition, Anna has also revealed that it has the ability to shoot pink soap bubbles with the words ‘fizz’ and improve the mood of the people around you.

An official from Craftton said, In order to spread a positive influence on the world, Anna will grow into a virtual influencer of the world’s generation with a unique story and worldview. You can meet the hip visuals and the energetic aspect.

Meanwhile, Anna is the first virtual human being released by Craepon in June, and is based on its own technology of Craepon such as hyper realism, rigging and deep learning technology.

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