Riot, which has supported the return of Korean cultural heritage for 10 years, released audit video disclosure

On the 3rd, Riot Games’ Come Back Home | The lost cultural heritage has released the video in our arms. In this video, Riot Games looked back on the protection and support of Korean cultural heritage and support projects that lasted for more than 10 years since 2012 and thanked the players who have been together.

This video begins with the message, The game is a culture for us. In the video, various treasures returned through the return of the Joseon Dynasty, the Buddhist Buddha, the Royal Ritual Rituals, which are pursuing the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the ‘Bodhisattva’, which keeps the ordinary of putting the royal seal, You can meet. In addition, ‘Timo’ will be re-examined in addition to the ‘Sinwheel Shako’, which is impressive with the nine-tailed artist ‘Ari’ and Ha Hoe-mal and Taegeuk pattern, which was released to commemorate the start of the official service of Korea. In the video, the background music was reinterpreted by reinterpreting the LOL representative song Summoner’s Call as a Korean traditional music instrument such as Daegeum, Gayageum, and Haegeum.

The video received high interest in the purpose and achievements and exceeded 170,000 integrated views in one day. One user left a message saying, Thank you for finding the cultural heritage in the dark for 10 years.

It was possible because I had been with players for the past 10 years, said Riot Games. I will continue.


On the other hand, Riot Games has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Cultural Heritage Administration since 2012 to protect and support Korean cultural heritage. We are setting up a plan. Riot Games’ cumulative donation amounted to 6.87 billion won, which allocated more than 2 billion won to the return fund of foreign cultural property. This is the largest private company.

In addition to ▲ Youth History Class and Camp (more than 5,300 cumulative participants as of June 2022) ▲ Conservation and management support for the 4th Palace and Royal Tombs The company continues to support projects in various ways such as support. In 2017, he won the Presidential Citation in the Cultural Heritage Prize Award Ceremony for the Cultural Heritage Protection Award Ceremony for the first time in the cultural property and foreign companies.

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