Wonder Lands Season Pass Final DLC Break the glass of ghosts is clear

Gearbox Software is Wonder Lands-Tiny Tina and Magical World Season Passed Content 4th content Break the glass of ghosts did.

In the last additional content included in the season pass, Breaking the glass of the ghost, you can challenge new bosses and challenges as well as the previous additional content, and a new class, which is the seventh game, also appears. schedule. It is said that the appearance of the new class will create a further width of the multi-class system that allows you to learn skills from two classes.

The name of the new class released this time is Bright Color, which can enhance the synergistic effect with other elements while mainly Poison. It has a passive skill that creates a companion when granting the status effect, an action skill that generates a play storm at the target position, causes continuous damage, and a class characteristic that increases elemental damage for a certain period of time when the status effect is applied. Please check the full skill tree of Bright Color on the official page.


Wonder Lands-Tiny Tina and the Magical World Seasonal Passing 4th content, Breaking the glass of ghosts will be distributed soon. It can be purchased by a single or a season pass, and the new class Bright Color can be used immediately after purchase.

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