LOL: The unexpected invasion of the jungle in Soloq that gave rise to crazy theories in the community

After 12 seasons of League of Legends, many strategies have been tested when making a _invade. These range from the classic cages of Morgana or Lux to enclose an opponent, to the flash of 4 people to cross a wall and dodge the vision guardians, through the unforgettable Blitzcrank hooks . However, this interaction is unheard of, because the person who decided to invade a jungle is not a player, not even a slender, but the river crab.

What happened to the Rio crab?

While it is supposed to remain in the River , this specimen was unique in its class, it seems that he had the dream of gathering a picuchillos team tobecome the king of the jungle and seize the lands of Runaterra , so he ventured into one of the jungles of the invoker crack. His infiltration was immediately noticed by Jax, who stunned, decided to follow him to see what was happening *.

It was then that the Soraka, intrigued in turn, also began to follow the heroic and charismatic animal between laughter and especially good vibes. The search for her seemed to take shape, her eloquence and her sense of the adventure had already allowed two players to collaborate by deciding to accompany him (which is more than the average collaboration between two Soloq players). However, the idyll could not last, and suddenly an inevitable drama arose.

An unforgivable murder

While Jax and Soraka were seeing the crab instead of farmear, their Taliyah, which was her jungle, could not contain free gold that passed under their noses. Without hesitation, without showing an apex of remorse and forgetting any lesson of tolerance and benevolence towards others (in short, behaving like a league of legends player), killed the brave crustacean , ending A search that we can only think about the purpose it had.

This adventure was uploaded to Reddit by user Syrupstandard. In the comments, no one could explain the origin of this error and continued complaining about Taliyah, who prevented the world from knowing the mysterious destiny of this crab. However, some have decided to defend it, arguing that a river crab reached its own awareness and was surely a great threat to humanity **. But perhaps the simplest argument is the most true: it is one more bug that is in a game of so many and that we love to see as spectators.

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