Mihambo in an interview: Sport is greater than just football

One of the most attractive Olympic memory is most likely the one to win at the summer season video games in Tokyo in 2015.

Just how do you feel when you are the emphasis of the title fights as one or the face of the European Championships in Munich?

Lengthy dive Olympic champion Malaika Mihambo (28) is one of the large celebrities of the European Championships from this week in Munich. From August 11th to 21st, 177 medal choices in 9 Olympic sports are scheduled 50 years after the summer season video games in Bavaria’s state resources. From August 15, the focus is particularly on the German professional athletes, who mainly disappointed at the World Cup in July.

Interest is a wonderful by-product, but that’s not the reason why I do sporting activity. I simply enjoy the motion, like to improve, like to take time to discover, comprehend and also implement technical movements.

In a meeting with the German Press Firm, the defending champion Mihambo, encouraging at the World Championships, discusses Olympic memories, the exposure of an EM in the shadow of football and the feasible signal for a new German Olympic application.


This is certainly a very unique memory. The competition at the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 was additionally special for me and made me extremely happy-even if I really did not win a medal.

Because I don’t originate from a super sports fanatic, I can not claim that precisely. We really did not watch as much sporting activity on TV. I have actually constantly been someone that prefers to do the sport myself than to view. Enjoying only obtained something with enhancing age.

The competitors in Munich also take place on the event of the anniversary half a century after the Olympic Games. What are your very first memories of Olympic minutes?

And what do you find out about the 1972 Olympic Games?

Of course I review or listened to a lot about the tragic minute of the video games, the Munich Olympic attack. The view of the Olympic Games 50 years earlier is various if you were currently in the globe at the time and also actually saw or saw the video games.

Does it have a special meaning to enter such a historic location?

Dive at the 2022 World Cup in Oregon: Malaika Mihambo. Imago/Chai v.d. Laage

In any case, it is wonderful to come to such an area and to see that this sports center is still proactively utilized. Eventually, for us professional athletes this year is concerning composing our own as well as brand-new tales.

Exactly how do you like the idea of European Championships with 9 European championships under one roofing?

It behaves that you not only organize athletics competitors in the Olympic Park and also in the various other sports facilities, however also competitions in other sporting activities. In regards to sustainability, it is excellent that many sports centers from that time have been preserved.

Just how vital would certainly successful European Championships be as a sign that Germany can additionally arrange international top sports events apart from football?

It is merely essential that sporting activity far from football in society becomes a lot more visible again. Sportnation Germany circles largely for a sport. Of program, that’s a pity since sport is more than simply football. That is why it is essential and also wonderful that European championships take area in various other sports in Germany. Kids can experience it very in different ways and after that possibly obtain a grip in these sports. Not everybody has the ability to be able to rack up football well.

The nine European Championship sports are not drawn in to each various other or do they help themselves to be viewed extra?

I hope that there will be a synergetic impact, so that even more for all taking part sporting activities appears than it would hold true with specific competitors. Little or less widely known sporting activities can special, yet sports can additionally take advantage of it.

Can the European Championships likewise be the signal for a brand-new Olympic application?

That can be, but with an Olympic application, it should not just be regarding the Olympic Games in Germany. It needs to be in the foreground that such points are put extra in society once again and Olympic games are additionally lived from the values-and this would certainly not be worth striving for me.

Naturally I would be really happy. In the examination of the World Cup, one ought to not be overlooked that some of the professional athletes that have actually been having a hard time with injuries in the previous competitors this year or that Corona infections have not put away. I would be delighted if these professional athletes do well in connecting earlier success in Munich. On the whole, nonetheless, the general German level in athletics can not currently stay on par with the worldwide. Currently it’s about finding methods of doing it once more.

** Just how crucial would sports want the effective World Cup in the USA, which is so effective for you, yet generally frustrating for the German team?

World Cup title defends: Malaika Mihambo. Imago/Chai v.d. Laage

And also what could such courses look like?

I am not the most effective call because I just see a little area. On the one hand, nevertheless, it is regarding just how to advertise competitive sports in Germany, to ensure that every athlete can really pay for to exercise their sporting activity properly. Grand sporting activity have to be promoted. Since only a broad tip can grow up from a wide basis. That is why sport in its variety needs to acquire more presence once more. This brings the opportunity that even more young abilities can find their way right into the appropriate sporting activity for them-and with good funding, also at the top.

Is the anticipation for the European Championship in Munich because it is a kind of residence game?

In such a complete title battle summertime with the World Cup and also EM, you can in fact assume regarding your trip within a few weeks?

The anticipation is especially great since the competitors take place in Germany and also as a professional athlete you experience a totally different assistance in your own country. I was able to experience this at the team European Championships in Braunschweig 2014 or at the European Champion in Berlin four years earlier. This support from the audience is only globally offered for a few professional athletes, as an example for Usain Screw or today for Mondo Duplantis. However nobody is much more fire as well as flame for a professional athlete than the residential target market. This is precisely what you can feel as an athlete.

From August 11th to 21st, 177 medal choices in nine Olympic sporting activities are arranged 50 years after the summer games in Bavaria’s state resources. In any type of situation, it is nice to come to such an area and also to see that this sporting activities facility is still actively made use of. Sportnation Germany circles mainly for a sport. That is why it is good as well as essential that European championships take area in other sporting activities in Germany. On the one hand, nevertheless, it is about how to promote affordable sporting activities in Germany, so that every professional athlete can truly pay for to exercise their sporting activity properly.

You plan a bit because you can not just start vacation automatically after the period. And also then the right time might come to refine the World Cup title as well as the European Champion.

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