WOW: Pre-Patch from Wotlk Standard has arrived on the TBC Standard PTR

The Blizzard developers played the pre-patch from WoW: Wrath of the Lich King Classic on the public test server of Burning Crusade Classic (via Wowhead)! You can level the death knight or engraving science there, attempt out class modifications or see the barber. In this write-up we had actually summed up the most vital developments of the pre-launch phase **.

What regarding the scourge invasion?


You can locate more feelings as well as narratives in our reflect on the Geißel event of Rage of the Lich King . Because the pre-patch has actually currently arrived at the PTR, it will not take too long till the zombie enjoyable starts. We will keep you up to day! Are you expecting the pre-patch occasion?

  • Only weird boxes appear in Booty Bay, whereby a dangerous torment spreads in the outdoors areas. Later, delivered containers with contaminated roaches make sure that the cities are no much longer safe.
  • After a while, players who are infected are changed into zombies, with brand-new skills with which the afflict can spread out additionally.
  • Argentum healers can heal the infection prior to transforming, but there are less and less from those in the course of the event.

The pre-launch event of Wotlk is not yet energetic on the PTR, which provides our heroes the crucial factor to lead the armies from Crowd as well as Allianz to Nordend. The globe event appears like a pimped version of the flagell intrusion of Spot 1.11 , which at the time led us to Naxxramas.

  • Flying necropolises appear in the skies, where the attacks on the living are carried out. Also the resources are attacked.
  • The event is garnished with numerous quests. You can additionally remove the beat scourge systems with lethal runes with which things can be purchased from the Argentum armor.
  • In Karazhan you can test the new manager Royal prince Tenris Murkblood during the event.

  • You can discover more event employers in old Classic dungeons.

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You can locate extra emotions and also stories in our look back on the Geißel occasion of Rage of the Lich King . Are you looking ahead to the pre-patch occasion?

The Blizzard developers played the pre-patch from WoW: Rage of the Lich King Standard on the public test server of Burning Crusade Classic (using Wowhead)! In this post we had actually summarized the most essential developments of the pre-launch stage **.

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