DEAD BY Daylight Wesker on PTB on Bio Day! A new killer that infects Uroboros virus

BEHAVIOR INTERACTIVE has distributed the collaboration content Resident Evil: Project W at a public test build (PTB) that can be accessed by Steam users of Dead by Daylight .

In this test build, you can try the new killer Wesker and the new survivor Ada Won and Rebecca Chamber ahead.

New killer Wesker

Special ability Poison Bound

  • Weskers can infect the survivors and jump over obstacles while rushing. Press and hold the ability button to charge a bounce attack. During the charge, the speed of the Wesker is slightly reduced as the preparation stage for the attack. When the charge is completed, press the attack button to bounce. If Wesker’s attack hits the survivor, survivors become infected or worsen. When the Wesker collides with something during the bounce, it hits the survivor and damages it. If it does not collide, throw the survivor and hit a obstacle to one stage. Weskers jump over the obstacles if they hit the pallet or overtake where the poisonous bouncing is defeated.

  • Special effects: Uroboros infection: Survivors with a poisonous bounce are infected. Infection deteriorates over time, and when it is completely infected, the survivor suffers from the obstruction effect. When a poisonous bounce hits a completely infected survivor and collides with something, Wesker automatically carries its survivors.

  • Special Action: Emergency Spray: Supply boxes appear at the start of rituals, each with emergency spray. Survivors in the infected state can use the emergency spray for themselves or have other survivors use them to remove the infection. Emergency sprays have prescribed number of charges.

Speaking Park 1: Transcendence of the Human Body

  • If you survive at high speed within 8 meters of you, transcendence of the human body will be activated. The next time you get over the window frame, the overcoming speed will increase by 30/35/40%. After that, transcendence of the human body is released, and a cool down of 30 seconds occurs.

Speaking Park 2: Awakening Awakening

  • When carrying survivors, you can see the aura of other survivors within 16/18/20 meters. The aura display lasts for 2 seconds after stopping the survivor.

Speaking Park 3: End-end

  • When the escape gate is energized, the end-of-life is activated. Survivors, dying, or hooks on hooks suffer from the status effect of weakness until the escape gate is opened. The weakness will last for 20/25/30 seconds after the opening of the escape gate.

New survivor Ada Won

Speaking Park 1: eavesdropping

  • If the generator is repaired by 33%in total, this park will be activated. After repairing the generator for more than 3 seconds, pressing the abilities activation button will be installed. The eavesdropping device is valid for 60/70/80 seconds. The trapped generator is displayed with yellow aura to all survivors. While the murderer is within 14 meters of a trapped generator, the aura can be seen by all survivors. When the generator is destroyed, the eavesdropping device is also destroyed.

Speaking Park 2: reflection recovery

  • When you are injured, if another survivor is injured within a radius of 32 meters, your treatment will remain and increase the progress of 25/30/35%of the progress.

Speaking Park 3: Cloud Hidden

  • When you become the last survivor, cloud hiding is activated. Red scratch marks and blood stains are no longer displayed for 70/80/90 seconds.

New Survivor Rebecca Chambers

Speaking Park 1: Minagiri vitality

  • Completed treatment actions for other survivors increases the operation speed of the survivor’s generator repair, treatment, chest open, and totem purification for 25/30/35 seconds.

Speaking Park 2: Safety

  • Pressing the abilities activation button 2 within a radius of 6 meters of survivors suspended on the hook will stop the durability of the survivor on 20/25/30 seconds. If the survivor is in the endurance phase, the struggle skill check will also be suspended. A cool down of 40 seconds occurs for a sense of security.

Speaking Park 3: Full concentration

  • If you get a gray in skill check, you will get one token (up to 6 tokens). Each token has a skill check rate of 2%, the speed of the skill checking needle increases by 4%, and the progress that is added when the glate is issued by skill check increases by 10/20/30%. do. If you get good or fail in skill checks, or interrupt the action for some reason, you lose all the park tokens.

In addition, some terrain and structure of the map Raccoon City Police Station added in the previous Resident Evil collaboration will be implemented. The map is divided into two types.


In addition, options for distributors are implemented as a function only for PCs. The purpose is to reduce the target of the so-called grease act, and can be enabled in the settings in the settings. By enabling it, the enemy player will also replace your player ID with a character name, or hide the ID of yourself and other players.

In addition, in order to prevent the act of starting matchmaking at the same time and aiming to enter the game as part of the ghosting, a matchmaking delay mode that hides a short waiting time before starting matchmaking is implemented. It will be d1. These functions are now limited to PC version, but there is a possibility that it can be implemented in the console version in the future.

DEAD BY Daylight public test build 6.2.0 is now available today from August 10 for Steam users.

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