Hyundai Motor, why did you acquire Fort Toot dot

Hyundai Motor Group announced on the 12th that it will acquire Portito Dot, an autonomous startup, for 420 billion won. By securing level 4 autonomous driving technology, the SDV (Software Defined Vehicle) development system early conversion and software competitiveness are strengthened and the future automobile market is taken.

Fortydot is a company that has a level 4 autonomous driving technology without a lidar. Rida fires a laser pulse and reflects from the target object. It is highly accurate, but it is expensive and consumed a lot of power.

In addition, to operate a lidar, you need to use a high-precision map, but it is not easy to produce, maintain, and repair and have a lot of data. To make a 1km radius of Lidaro, you can get up to 3GB. For this reason, Tesla is using autonomous driving technology without Lidar.

Fortitu Dot Level 4 autonomous driving technology is an artificial intelligence (AI) that integrates cameras, radars, and global navigation satellite systems (GNSS). The map also uses a lightweight map implemented with its own technology, not a high-precision map. This means that it can be commercialized at a relatively low value.


Fortitu Dot was selected as the Seoul Transport Platform provider with the relevant technology, and received a license for the No. 1 transportation No. 1 and conducted autonomous driving demonstrations in Sangam-dong area.

Hyundai Motor Group decided to acquire Portito Dot to secure this technology. It is possible to gain a discriminatory advantage from the existing autonomous driving competition using high-cost sensors such as Lida.

An official of Hyundai Motor Group said, The automotive industry paradigm is rapidly reorganizing from the existing hardware (HW) to SW. I explained.

Hyundai Motor has acquired 212,160 shares of Portito Dot at 2,746.62 billion won, with a 55.9%stake and Kia purchased 1,186,106 shares for 153.8 billion won to secure 37.3%of the stake.. The integrated stake in both companies is 93.2%.

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