Pokemon Go: How to evolve Grubbin in Charjabug and Vikavolt

Pokémon Go events are usually very special because sometimes they serve to introduce new Pokémon in the game. The same has happened with the event to Bichear!, Since he has welcomed Grubbin , so we have prepared a guide in which we are going to explain how you canevolve it to Charjabug and Vikavolt *.


How to evolve Grubbin in Charjabug and Vikavolt

The first thing is the first and the important thing is that you do with a Grubbin. To do this you have several methods during the duration of this new temporary event, so that you can carry out the field research task Realizes three large launches or completing the mission evoluciones two Pokémon of type bug of the capture challenge Bichear!

Once the event is over, you should only be lucky to get you in the wild. Thus, you will need to catch a few Grubbin until you have 25 candies , since it is the necessary amount so that you can evolve it to Charjabug.

However, this is the first evolution of Gubbin. This assumes that Charjabug can evolve to Vikavolt and for this you will need to spend 100 GRUBBIN candies and also use a magnetic cebo module that is located in a poképarada. If you do not have any in your possession you can acquire a unit in the game store for 180 pokémonas.

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