Two point campus: make money quickly

Nothing going on without moss! This also affects your university in Two Point Campus, because finally furnishings should be bought or personnel are paid . In this guide you can find out:

  • The easiest way to earn money

  • Whether there are cheats for money
  • What other sources of income there are

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Are there cheats for money?

The question can be answered quickly: no. As in the predecessor Two Point Hospital, the developers do without codes, secret key inputs or general cheats for an infinite amount of money. Nevertheless, there is a possibility of at least creating the campus of your dreams.

To do this, you have to free the sandbox mode by completing the first four levels of the campaign with at least one star **. With the creative options you have the opportunity to start with a start-up capital of 100 million. So you can let off steam to your heart’s content.

How do I make a lot of money in Two Point Campus?

The most effective way to get money in Two Point Campus is the archaeology course . If you offer this at your university and create a large excavation site, you can make a lot of coal.

For this you sell the objects that your students find there. There are already 1,000 coins for a few old shoes. Gemstones can be worth up to 40,000 coins. ** But you shouldn’t bring the lost property directly under the hammer.

Wait a month and the sales price increases. Depending on how scarce you are at cash, ** you wait for the sale of the artifact for so long until there is no more money for it and only sells.

So that a particularly large number of students are interested in the course and thus participate in the excavations, it is advisable to reduce the course fee. ** A sum between 0 and 500 attracts enough curious people so that it gets new treasures faster. But do not forget to meet their needs so that they remain motivated.

There are other options for money to be rinsed into the cash register. Automats are particularly effective, that you can spread freely on your campus. Arcade devices not only satisfy the needs of many students, but also bring in a lot of cash over time.

You also have the following sources of income:

  • Increasing course fees
  • Donate
  • Win from Awards at the end of the year
  • Click on a bookworm in the outdoor area
  • Ending inspections and challenges
  • Sell items
  • Get bonus-EP

As the last option you can borrow money **. But be careful: the repayment of the loans is usually higher than your income and before you get involved is your campus bankrupt. So if you no longer move forward, you should start with small loan amounts.

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