LCS 2022 – Playoffs: matches, results. Everything you should know about the American League

At the end of an exciting regular season, eight of the ten teams of the LCS SE classified for the playoffs . It is enough to say that the general level of League of Legends is far from being homogeneous, and that it is time to estimate What are the teams most possibilities to lift the Trophy at the end of these qualifying phases.

The Three Musketeers

Evil geniuses seems the best candidate for his own succession , both for his classification and for his rise to power during the regular season . Without being ostentatious, the team is very solid. Its only weakness can be its dependence on its botlane , although Midlaner Jojopyun has already shown that it can be the main haul of the team.

100 Thieves are more balanced in terms of players. On the other hand, they have some deficiencies in the macro and, often, they can be trapped and let some games escape. Against teams with a good macro and ADCs that can face them at the individual level, they canenjoy problems *.

Finally , Team Liquid is a bit unknown in the equation. The team has the whole potential to win the LCS , but on several occasions we have seen players to get lost in some games . Similarly, its drafts sometimes they are a bit arrogant, and it is assumed that the compositions will be snowball from the beginning, but without other real options if the initial plan does not come out to perfection.


Counter Logic Gaming has been one of the great surprises of this season in the LCS. The team has talent , both at the level individual and in the macro . They still lack a bit of coordination during the fights of team to really compete with the great names of the League, but very well it could be the great surprise of these playoffs .

We are not necessarily accustomed to seeing those of cloud9 so low in the classification, but the team has clearly lost its brightness in 2022. However, it continues in the correct path , and if Individual talent can sometimes miss a bit, is capable of shine in group fights. Its great weakness remains its Early Game , where it can be surpassed by more aggressive teams . It is a formation to observe, even if there are little chances of ending on the podium.

Flyquest Until now he has won its bet , but the team has not yet shown everything what was expected of them. With a little more of rigor in his macro and his decision making he could allow them to move from etchings to a serious candidate for classification for the World Cup **.

Today, the team seems a bit below the top of the classification, despite having won some better classified teams. However, if the team takes a step further , could raise great problems for any other team in the League.

Those who do not expect much

Having eight out of 10 classified teams means that some do not even have 50% victories in the season . With a 33% victory for TSM and 28% for Golden Guardians , it is difficult to imagine them as great threats . Subsequently, we must not forget that TSM still beat Clg, Flyquest and Team Liquid once in the regular season, so the feat could be repeated. However, we will not bet why the state of the club both sports and socially is in its worst moments.

The Na playoffs begin on Saturday, August 20 at 22:30 with Flyquest against Team Liquid, before continuing Sunday, August 21 with CLG against C9 A : 30.

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