Neons sparkling course runs through electronic songs Racing NEODASH -MONSTERCAT music, course custom sharing function recording

French indieveropper AXAN Gray has released the action racing NEODASH.

This game is a single play work that runs through a car with a boost that can be customized to collapse unusual courses.

MONSTERCAT The immersed high-speed race experience woven by songs and neon

This work includes more than 25 electronica, including a Canadian MONSTERCAT label, which provides songs to the action/sports race Rocket League and handle Japanese songs.

In addition, the course, which will run through at high speed, is composed of unusual designs such as traps, obstacles, and aerial jumps, such as the future of the future, and the number is more than 45 stages in single campaigns. A course that gradually collapses and changes according to the song, and a thrilling immersive race experience is possible due to synth-waves and drum-in basses.

Course custom / shared functional installation by players

Regarding the course where you can play, in addition to those prepared in the campaign, etc., you can create more various things with the creator’s creator function. In addition to being able to publish online to other players, download and play what is published, it seems that it is possible to set and evaluate the difficulty level, and sort by downloading.

In addition, it is equipped with online leader boards and ghost functions that are not online multiplayer, but can compete with players around the world. We will acquire custom items of cars using the points obtained by clearing the stage.

NEODASH, which is a hoteen-race fans, is distributed for PCs and is usually distributed for 1,640 yen for Japanese and 10%off until August 25.

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