ALTAIR BREAKER VR is irresistible! Exhilarating VR action that succeeded Sword of Gargantuua

The VR multi-play super-transcendental sword action Altair Breaker ( Altile Breaker ) was released on August 19 for PC VR (Steam/Oculus Store)/Meta Quest 2.

This title is the successor to the Sword of Gargantua (PC VR/META Quest version on September 30, 2022 in the PC VR/META Quest version on September 30, 2022) released in 2018. The realism of waving weapons makes the taste of the same work feel.

ALTAIR BREAKER is added to the new height difference, such as climbs and gliders, and the easy-to-play and exhilaration as a VR game from Sword of Gargantu. In Game*Spark, I had the opportunity to play this work before the release, so in this article I will tell you the fun I felt there and the difference from Sword of Gargantu.

*It is not a sequel, but for convenience, Sword of Gargantu is called the previous work.

◆ Beauty is resident in the lobby! The weapon she has is cooler than her.

By the way, this work Altair Breaker is a game that mainly plays multiplayer. The matching will be transferred to the lobby where people gather. If the service starts, it will overflow with various avatars, but there are no people there because it is a pre-play. It was only NPC Stella, the role of the guide.

She says, I’m not good at fighting, she says, regardless of the lobby or battle, but she has a twin sword and a great sword on her waist. Compared to the initial equipment of the player, the difference in quality is clear…!

I want to say, Lend me over there!

If you think about it, there were various weapons in Sword of Gargantua. From purely cool weapons to pain shields with a girl’s face on the front and back of the shield, produced in a collaboration with VTuber. Surely this work will have various weapons.

Touching the central pedestal, we finally headed to the stage of the battle, Joke Island. We are preparing for the battle here, and we will travel to the battle area waiting for the independent battle weapon LAWS.

By the way, it is possible to climb various walls by climbing, so when multiplayer, it is possible to sit on the pillars and wait for your friends without any significance.

◆ A lot of actions packed with VR freedom… and some enemies wearing VR pressure

When the transfer is over, the battle starts with the enemy. Complete autonomous combat weapons LAWS appear from metallic balls. This weapon type is one-handed sword, two-handed swords, shields within the range of advance play. You can hold a one-handed sword in both hands and make it a double sword style.

The biggest difference from Sword of Gargantu is that weapons appear from a single trigger. In the previous work, I was trying to fight by holding weapons and picking up a fallen weapon.

It was also interesting, but I changed the weapon during the battle and dropped it to the ground, and after throwing it and fighting, I had to reach out to the ground to pick it up. It was the biggest drawback.

It is a normal game that is not a matter of ordinary games, but if you throw and bend your weapons many times because of the VR, the real physical strength will be reduced. The previous work was that the whole body was sweaty when it progressed to some extent, and the perspective was always facing the ground . In this work, the action around that was gone, so I was able to fight the enemy comfortably.

Although the aspect as a real sword fighting simulator is still lighter, the number of actions such as using a glider to attack the opponent from the sky, and using a map with a height difference has increased in action, such as climbing the emptiness of the opponent’s group. In shape. During the play, I discovered a pseudo jump with the glider function, and felt the freedom of the Sword of Gargantu, which is ** I can think and execute myself.

There are also enemies search for enemies, so when it comes to team play, it may be necessary to have tactical thinking, such as assaulting with climbing and dividing the opponent group. **

The enemy’s attack is also used as a VR game. Energy bullets are shot out of the bot floating in the air, but there are also enemies that make bullets blocking this viewpoint. It is unique to VR that the visibility is completely crushed and impatient.

Depending on the enemy, we will make an attack that makes full use of the immersive VR immersion, such as those who develop barrages and apply pressure like a protective wall. Better yet, you will be able to assault or process it, or you will have a player’s personality.

At the same time, the feature of this work is that there are many options that can be taken here. For example, a special technique that increases the attack power and range by consuming a gauge. Preliminary operation is essential, so the timing is important, but if you shake it when you are surrounded, it is easy to break the war.


In addition, a long-range attack that blows the energy on the sword and hits it is also possible, and slashes that make you want to scream at the technique.

Above all, I was fascinated by the aerial combo derived from the launch. It is very useful to bring it one-on-one at a moment, and to get out of the enclosure. Above all, flashy…!

In this work, the purpose is to defeat the boss Laws-Zero of Laws. In my experience, there were few battles that could not reach that much, but the difficulty would increase as I could fight. Expectations are growing in the appearance of a large amount of weapons in Sword of Gargantua.

By the way, when I played so far, I felt that this work was an evolution system of Sword of Gargantu. The problem of real physical exhaustion that was worried about the previous work has been resolved, giving the impression that new fun has been given.

It is a little lonely that the weapon throwing is gone in Sword of Gargantuua, but it is hard to aim because it is hard to aim because the movement of yourself in the VR space. I was. Altair Breaker is a work that has been completed from such VR action trial and error and has increased the degree of perfection as a ** VR game.

This work has increased exhilaration while leaving the taste of Sword of Gargantuua. If you like VR action, why not play it?

Altair Breaker

  • Compatible model: PC VR (Steam/Oculus Store)/Meta Quest 2

Steam Altair Breaker
Oculus Store
Altair Breaker
Meta Quest 2
Altair Breaker *

  • Play model in the article: Meta Quest 2

  • Genre: VR multiplayer transcendental sword action

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