Gravity Neo Cyan, Puzzle & Dragon and Animation Kingdom Collaboration

Gravity Neo Cyan announced on the 22nd that it will collaborate with TV animation Kingdom on the mobile puzzle game puzzle and dragon.

Kingdom is a historical cartoon that depicts the biography of the boy gods who want to become a general and General of the Cheonha University, who have been thrown to the throne at a young age of China’s Spring and Autumn.

The collaboration will be held until 9:59 am on September 5th. During this period, the user said, ’10 magical stone! Kingdom Collaboration Egg ’can meet a total of 18 collaboration characters, including the royal and gods.

In commemoration of the collaboration with Kingdom, only the first login for the first time during the event! You can receive the Kingdom Collaboration Egg. In addition, if you acquire the collaboration character ‘Operating’, you can also obtain the skin ‘Kingdom drop’ with Kingdom’s character.

If you clear the Kingdom collaboration dungeon, which opens for the same period, you can get the Kingdom Collaboration Medal (Friday), Eun, and (Dong). It can be collected and exchanged with the flag of Jin, which appears for a limited time at the Monster Exchange.

In addition, during the same period, the monster exchanges feature a limited-time character, and can be exchanged for five events medals (black). Also, if you clear the Kingdom Challenge! One Kingdom Collaboration Egg ’can be obtained through the in-game e-mail.

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