Basic play free root shooter THE FIRST DESCENDANT official trailer released. Up to 4 players challenge huge bosses and missions

On August 24, NEXON GAMES released the official trailer for the cooperative action route shooter The First Descendant . This work will be distributed for free for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The delivery time is undecided.


The First Descendant is a root shooter that combines TPS and action RPG. Players will be the successor who inherited the unknown power, and will be on duty to protect humanity from enemies that invaded the continent called English. Player characters are prepared with different characters with different appearance, combat style, and skill sets, and play with up to four people. You can enjoy scenario missions, world missions that can be played repeatedly, and fight against huge bosses. The mission is also possible to set the difficulty level.

Player characters can be equipped with up to three firearms, four auxiliary weapons, and various auxiliary attack methods. In the trailer released this time, there are scenes that attack the enemy by firing flames and electric shots from hands, jumping and hitting the fist on the ground to generate shock waves. These may be the auxiliary weapon and auxiliary attack method described above. There are also situations where large shields are being deployed to prevent enemy attacks.

The fight against a huge boss is likely to be one of the charms of this work. It seems that there are various types, from humanoid to variant creatures, and Mech. Each huge boss seems to capture and defeat the gimmicks of their own, and it is necessary to destroy or remove specific parts. In that case, it seems that you may jump on the huge body using a grappling hook. The grappling hook is also useful when traveling on a map with a difference in elevation.

If you capture missions and giant bosses, you will get equipment such as firearms and auxiliary weapons. You can also get items that increase firearm status and add new abilities. Such a loot enhances the character, expresses the play style in the combination of equipment, and challenges further missions. After the launch of this work, it is also planning to implement a character customization function that can express your own personality, such as various skins and custom elements.

THE FIRST DESCENDANT will be distributed for free for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. Distribution time is undecided. According to Steam’s store page, the game seems to support Japanese display.

STEAM is also recruiting participants in the beta test of this work. Application is completed when you request access from THE FIRST DESCENDANT STEAM BETA on the store page of this work. The beta test will be implemented from 16:00 on October 20 to 15:59 on October 20 to October 27. If you are interested, please apply.

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