Hasbro’s subsidiary Wizard of the Cost (hereinafter referred to as Wizards) unveiled the Magic: The Gathering (Magic) Collaboration Photoscard illustration on the 24th.

This collaboration celebrated the 30th anniversary of Magic, parodying Kim Deuk-shin’s rag. The new Magic Set ‘Dominia United’ Plaines Walker Character released in September appears on the card, and based on the new set story, the characters dressed in a hanbok reinterpreted by the desperate stone artist.


Wizards will receive a photo card at official stores nationwide in line with the launch of the Dominia United pre-launch from September 2. If you purchase more than 25,000 won, you will be offered a photo card at a limit of 1 card per day. The photo card is produced in a limited quantity.

This collaboration is that the collaboration is a good match with the Dominian United Story Line and Kim Deuk-shin’s rags, he said. It’s very meaningful. I hope there will be a chance to collaborate with Magic in the future.

Meanwhile, Magic, which will be officially released on September 9, is the first Magic Multi Bus core set in 1993, the first magic set introduced in 1993 and the storytelling center for 10 years.

For more information, please visit the Magic Game Lounge.

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