The false of the P, the most anticipated work selected by overseas media

Neowiz’s new Lies of P P, which Neowiz unveiled at Gamescom 2022 site, was ranked No. 1 in the IGN Week’s Wishlist. P’s false was previously introduced as ‘the most anticipated PlayStation Game’ in the US Twitter trend ‘Overall’, as well as the anticipation of the Gamescen’s Opening Night Live’s anticipation awards.

Neowiz set up a solo booth of ‘P of the P’ and released the first demonstration version. On-site visitors were able to play the demo version, which provides more than two hours of playtime, including two stages. In addition, new gameplay videos and cinematic videos for global gamers were released together at the Gamesk.

Choi Ji-won, PD, who is in charge of false PD, said, It seems that the unique worldview that adapts the classic fairy tale ‘Pinocchio’, which everyone knows, and realistic graphics, and gorgeous but delicate action seems to be the key to global attention. It will be a work that will satisfy the expectations of global gamers as well as in Korea.

‘False of P’ is a new PC/console-based soul-lake developed in Round 8 Studio, and will be released in the upcoming 2023 PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | s, and more.

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