G-MODE Archives+Goddess Reincarnation Gaiden New Last Bible II Beginning Gospel will be distributed for switches

G-MODE distributes Goddess Reincarnation Gaiden New Last Bible II Beginning for Nintendo Switch, in the project G-MODE Archives+, a project that reprints the feature phone app game developed by the company. I announced.


Goddess Reincarnation Gaid-style series Megami Reincarnation Gaiden Last Bible. Among them, the perfect original work Goddess Reincarnation Gaiden New Last Bible II The Gospel, which was only played with feature phones, following the Goddess Reincarnation Gaiden New Last Bible, which was reprinted in July 2022, for Nintendo Switch. To be reprinted and distributed to. The delivery date is undecided, and the price is 1,800 yen (tax included).

◆ G-MODE Archives+ will be reprinted and distributed for switches for the switch!

■ Boy, be the light that illuminates the world. Now the gospel of the beginning resounds on the desperate earth.

The Goddess Reincarnation Gaiden Last Bible series, which is a bit different from the conventional series. This work is a completely original work that can only be distributed and played with feature phones.

The stage of this work is Horus, a desperate star where plague and monsters are flooding. Cain, King Cain, who laid the oppression, and the Holy King Abel trying to anticipate it. One day, the two kings declare to the people. It will appear with the gospel childlight and bring a change to the world. The boy’s fate starts to move in a place he doesn’t know.

Compared to the previous work, the volume of the scenario has doubled, and the types of enemies, items and magic have increased significantly. Negotiated with a demon beast that blocks the way as an enemy, and if you succeed, the series, which will help you, will be more strategically abilities by equipping the monsters with accessories in addition to conventional reinforcements and synthesis. Can be given. Please enjoy a solid story with your unique friends and Nakama.

Title: Goddess Reincarnation Gaiden New Last Bible II The Gospel of the Beginning

Compatible platform: Nintendo Switch
Delivery date: undecided
Price: 1,800 yen (tax included)
Genre: * RPG
Iarc rating: 7+
Title page: ** https: //gmodecorp.com/gmodeaChives/atlus/lastbible2/

(C) Atlus (c) g-mode corporation

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