Akasor Games, Mobile MMORPG Illu Tails official launch

Akasor Games (CEO Lee Cheong) announced on the 30th that it has officially released mobile casual MMORPG ‘Illu Tails’.

‘Illu Tales’ is a game where you can enjoy battles and healing at the same time. From today, you can download it from Google Play, Apple App Store, Galaxy Store and One Store.

In particular, the private test (CBT), which was held before the official launch, was well received by strategic play, high-quality graphics, and excellent blow.

In addition, six classes with their own personality and advantages, and their own cute pets that grow differently depending on their choices have been acclaimed by users.

In addition, you can dye pets in a variety of colors, such as single colors and gradients, and you can buy an island to raise flora and fauna in the garden, cook or cook indoors.

In addition, you can upload your daily life, such as images, texts, and voice, and follow your own SNS ‘My World’, which can leave friends and reviews and communicate with other users.

Along with this, you can marry your favorite opponent, take a teacher, receive disciples, and increase your intimacy to make your best friend.

In commemoration of this release, Akasor Games will dye and boast of the pet they have, or share the game’s attack and know-how through the official cafe.

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