How to get all the weapon created by Genshin Impact.

A series of five free types of weapons that any blacksmith can forge after receiving the appropriate drawings offers a pout. These include forest regalia (Claymore), Zaboloni Blade (sword), royal squire (onions), lunar piercing (shaft weapons) and the fruit of execution (catalyst).

How to get craft weapons to the handle of drawings for the Genshin Impact.

You must perform the first quest in Aranyaka: Part II-Dream Nursery called The World of Aranara. This important quest will allow you to enter Vanaran, as well as switch between the real form and the form of sleep form. Switch to Vanaran in a dream and go to the cave with a tree of dreams, where you will find a small Aranara named Arabini . Interact with it and select tell the story of the adventure with Aranara .

This will open the exchange store where you can exchange one quest item called History about you and Aranar for the blacksmith drawing of any weapon being produced. This is a one-time purchase that will allow you to overcome weapons an unlimited number of times from any blacksmith in Tayvat.

How to get stories about you and Aranar in Genshin Impact

You can get it five stories about you and Aranar. You will receive one by completing the following quests and tasks:

  • Complete the world of Aranars in Aranyaka: Part II-Dream Nursery
  • Complete the entire line of world tasks of Varun Gatha.
  • Complete the entire line of world tasks of Agnichotra Sutra.
  • Defeat the lecturer of the abyss in the world line of tasks of Viman Agam.
  • Save the wound in Aranyaka: Part IV

How to get Midlander blanks at Genshin Impact

The blanks of the inhabitants of the Midland are necessary for forging weapons to the pile. They can be obtained by going to any workbench and the transition to tab of the material , where you will find Midlander Billet for all types of weapons. You can exchange one harvesting northerner (can be obtained in TroouNce domains, which are weekly bosses to obtain materials to increase the level of talents) andtwo solvents of dreams * for one Midlander preparation of the same type of weapon.


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