Tower of Fantasy: False of the Raven, Develop as well as King Matrices

Each character has his own weapon inTower of Fantasy _. If the latter are only skins once the weapon is obtained, they are nonetheless fascinating.

Summary Program

Build and also materials for the raven false

Skills and progression of the weapon

King awakening and also presents

Build and products for the raven incorrect

2 pieces: rises by 15%/ 19%/ 22.5%/ 26% damages and also crack for targets to greater than 50% of their PV.



2 items: When a target is fractured, provides a damage benefit of 8%/ 10%/ 12%/ 14% for 25 seconds. If this perk is acquired numerous times, only the highest impact at the highest degree will apply.

Abilities as well as development of the weapon

For every duplicate gotten, the power of King’s weapon is strengthening with responsibilities.

All slices of 10 levels, you need to make use of special sources to enhance the capacity of a weapon. The greater the degree, the extra the cost will also be, with new sources to discover.

Samir’s weapon is of the fire as well as dps, which indicates that it fully manipulates this component during the fighting. She specifically masters the fracture, which enables her to conquer shields however additionally enemies. Nonetheless, it keeps an excellent recharge rate.

King Awakening and also Gifts

Each character has his very own weapon inTower of Fantasy _. If the last are only skins once the weapon is obtained, they are however intriguing. King, with his raven incorrect, favors battle to body-to-body as well as raw damage. Samir’s weapon is of the fire and also dps, which suggests that it completely manipulates this aspect during the fighting. If the progression of the weapon is specifically important, we must not disregard the affinity with the connected characters.

We have to not neglect the fondness with the associated characters if the progression of the weapon is particularly important. The last have 6 levels of relationship, supplying an avatar, pieces of conversation or a passive characteristic. To get to this awakening phase, you have to supply gifts to the simulacrum. Nonetheless, some are much more effective in winning Samir’s self-confidence.

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