The mysterious report that Wii SHOP error was displayed if you tried to see Netflix on iPad, attracts attention. Surprising history spinning mysterious

Error messages related to Wii are displayed on unexpected terminals and are attracting attention. A phenomenon was reported, If you launch Netflix on an old iPad, an error message for Nintendo Wii will appear. In the background, there was a complex background of video distribution services and console game consoles.

On September 1st, a strange phenomenon encountered on his iPad on September on September on Twitter. The content is that when Netflix is launched on the first generation iPad, a Wii shop error occurs. The image posted on the other hand shows the Wii Shop Channel dialog on the iPad screen. The message is This disk is not currently supported. To watch the video immediately, download Netflix from Wii Shop Channel.

Why was such a message displayed on the iPad’s Netflix? Mysterious error messages have earned 55,000 likes, and various speculation about the cause.

In the first place, what kind of situation is an error message assuming this message? The background may be related to the background of Netflix in the past when developing services for North American console aircraft.

Netflix was initially founded in 1997 as a home delivery rental DVD service. It is not a streaming-type distribution service like today, but a DVD rented on the website is sent by mail. Since then, the business has been expanded to the United States, and in 2007, the transition to the current video-on-demand distribution service will be started. In line with this, Netflix has started to respond to next-generation console game consoles at the time, including Xbox 360. Not only in the playback environment of DVDs and Blu-ray disks, but also on online terminals, the viewing environment has been expanded so that you can watch Netflix.

For the Xbox 360, it was distributed in the same way as downloading free dedicated software from the store page. However, for the Wii and PS3, the method of insert a dedicated disk distributed by Netflix to service registrants is adopted. For about half a year before Netflix started service in Wii in North America, for about six months before dedicated software was distributed on Wii Shop Channel, a dedicated disk was required to watch Netflix on Wii. is.

At present, almost all services related to Wii shopping channels are ending. Video streaming services, including Netflix, have ended in January 2019, so you can’t watch Netflix programs on Wii.

Based on these situations, the above-mentioned error message is probably to encourage users to download dedicated software to users who try to watch Netflix using a Wii-only disc. It is thought that it was prepared on the server after 2010, when a dedicated disc was required to watch Netflix on Wii. As of 2022, Michael Mjd of YouTuber has released a verification video for the operation of using this Wii dedicated disk as of 2022. It seems that an error message with the same content as the one displayed on the iPad is now displayed.

  • The corresponding error message is from 4: 32

So why was an error message for Wii displayed on the iPad now? The first-generation iPad, which found an error message this time, is the first iPad series product released in 2010. The update of iOS version has been completed at 5.1.1, making it impossible to download a new app from the App Store. For this reason, it still has a first-generation iPad device that still works normally, and is a rare message that is displayed only when several conditions overlap, starting Netflix on that device.

Therefore, as new terminals are being released one after another, it is considered that the message prepared for the Wii is accidentally displayed on the iPad, and has been left to date without any user or developer. Just 14 hours after Bunn reported this phenomenon on Twitter, he tweeted that the error message had been corrected to the appropriate content. In response to Netflix’s response, Bunn commented, I’m a little sorry for Netflix developers. He seems to be the same developer, promptly and appropriate response.

An error message that was left behind between the times and was not easily noticed. Not to mention the surprisingness that Wii letters are displayed on the iPad screen, Netflix, which has now established a status as an online distribution service all over the world, has distributed a Wii-only Netflix Disc in North America. Some users seem to be surprised. The message left behind from the drastic changes in terminals and services can feel sorrowful.

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