What is Hyundai Motors autonomous vehicle competitiveness?

Global automakers are fighting warless wars to preoccupy the future battlefield market. Along with electric cars, autonomous vehicles are called the core of future car competitiveness. Experts say, Autonomous driving is the technology that can create the largest added value in the future. Already, developed countries are living in the development of autonomous driving platforms, not only for automakers but also for semiconductors and software companies.

The autonomous vehicle market is also at the forefront of the US and China, the G2, which leads the world. The two countries have already commercialized and operated a level 4 autonomous taxi (Robo Taxi) with no people in the driver’s seat. According to foreign sources, GM subsidiary cruises have been operating 30 autonomous taxis in San Francisco for the first time in the world since June. In particular, the world is paying attention to Apple’s movement, and the prospect of fully autonomous cars by 2025 has been long.

China, which is in competition with the United States, is also taking a step in commercializing autonomous vehicles. Baidu was reported to have been approved by Chongqing and Wuhan City last month, and is preparing to put more than 10 vehicles. It is not a pilot driving for testing, but a service commercialization stage where passengers pay and take autonomous taxis. Korea, on the other hand, is still long. There are no companies that have launched a commercialization service for autonomous vehicles above level 4. Currently, only pilot operations, and the amount of autonomous driving data accumulated is small compared to the United States and China.

In August last year, a domestic media cited the market researcher guide house insight data and ranked 1st to 20th in the global autonomous driving technology rankings. According to this, Korean companies had no one except the parent invested by Hyundai Motor Group. The global autonomous car market is a storm growth. Consulting firm KPMG predicts that the global autonomous vehicle market is about 1334 trillion won in 2035, more than 150 times higher than 2020 (about 8.5 trillion won).

Autonomous vehicles are flowers of future cars. What is the competitiveness of Hyundai Motor’s autonomous vehicle, which has become a global player beyond Korea? In March, Hyundai Motor Group prepared the TAAS (Transportation As a Service) headquarters, which develops future mobility services such as autonomous vehicles and urban air traffic (UAM), in a new building in Pangyo, Gyeonggi-do.

Korea is a fast-catching country. As you can see from the memory semiconductor, the start is late, but if you invest steadily with fast execution and excellent brain, you can command the global market. The same is true for autonomous vehicles.

While autonomous vehicles have become a vice president of global companies, an event will be held on the 1st floor of COEX, Seoul on the 15th.

Jang Woong-joon, the head of Hyundai Motor’s Autonomous Division (Executive Director), was lecturer at the 2022 Korea Fourth Industrial Revolution Festival, hosted and hosted by GDNet Korea, Money Today, Korea Software Industry Association (KOSA, Chairman Cho Joon-hee) It tells the present and the future of the driving car.

Jang will give a lecture for 20 minutes from 2:20 pm to 40 minutes at the ‘Tech Future’ session held this afternoon. Earlier, he said at a recent investor conference in Korea that the gap has narrowed the gap in autonomous driving technology to one year. Hyundai Motor and Kia are known to apply the level 3 stage system sequentially to EV9, which will be released next year, and Ionic 7, which will be released next year, starting with the G90, which is scheduled to be released at the end of the year.

Recently, Hyundai Motor has acquired and attracted the topic of autonomous driving company ‘Forto Dot’. Jang’s lecture, which will be held on the afternoon of the 15th, is expected to be a good opportunity to listen to the autonomous vehicle strategy and the global market. Details and pre-applications can be found on the [☞ Event homepage].

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