Bodalan Naratical ADV new work New Tales From the Border Lands about 20 minutes game play video release

Gearbox Software is a game play trailer of New Tales from the Borderlands) in New Tales from the Border Lands ** (New Tales from the Borderlands) in Pax West And the character trailer has been released.


This work is a narrative adventure announced at GAMESCOM 2022 held in August. Border Rounds The spiritual succession of Tales from the Borderlands, which was released as a story-leading adventure in the stage, is full of heartwarming emotions, new characters, classic Border Lands humor It is said to be there.

Nearly 20 minutes of game play video contains scenes where the protagonists go on the sewerage. In this scene, which goes through the security of Tidior, you can fully check the humor with the momentum like Border Lands and the story that deploys with options and QTE.

In addition, a character trailer that introduces the three beloved losers, the main character, is also released. In addition to the ferocious franc throwing frozen yogurt, an ambitious streetwise octavio, and a kind scientist Anu, unique characters can be glimpsed.

New Tales from the Border Land will be released on October 21 for PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store). It is described on each store page that it does not support Japanese.

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