Perfect Dark in trouble? Microsoft denies it

The restart of Perfect Dark h lived the departure of some key members of The Initiative, the mounted study Ex Professor for the development of this title. Rumors about development problems were further fueled when it w confirmed that Crystal Dynamics, the creators of Tomb Raider and Marvel’s Avengers, had joined the project a support study. Matt Booty, head of Microsoft studies, h sured that this is not a symptom that development h been crowded along the way.

The way of making games is evolving, he explained during his intervention in Pax West. The idea of a single study under the same roof no longer occurs regularly in high-budget games. according to booty, the sociation with Crystal Dynamics must not be contemplated something negative, rather quite the opposite. The manager points out the importance of having a veteran team of more than 100 people dedicated to the development of triple games. Of course we want to work with them, particularly if they have made titles like this before.

Slowly and with nice handwriting

for Perfect Dark, the head of Xbox Game Studios h been parco in details. He approaches creative work carefully, although he admits that some things have not aged well . What is great about Perfect Dark and Joanna Dark is that it is a fanty of super agents, such Bourne or James Bond. We have to guarantee that it goes well.

Lt May, when the sociation with Crystal Dynamics w announced, The Initiative shared a statement in which they stressed the great progress harvested by combining the efforts of both studies.

Perfect Dark debuted in Nintendo 64 by Rare’s hand. Later, another delivery for Game Boy Color came out, while Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360 is so far the most recent title of the saga. The new installment is scheduled for Xbox Series X, xbox series s and PC .

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