40-year-old Ahmatti returns to the limelight with the familiar classic

The Clinic yellow ball is here again. Pac-Man World Repay does what it promises, but hardly anything extra.

Everyone probably knows the story of the hero’s birth story, which has begun to leave, so let’s leave the start this time. Instead, let’s take a fair step forward, up to the first PlayStation era. What is the miracle Pac-Man world?

Surprisingly, there is a North American group instead of the Japanese. The project was led by NAMC Home too, the then director Bill Anderson, and the main designer was, among others, soul Blade and _devious 3D/G__ (_devious 3D/g__). In addition, the composer was composed for dozens of games Tommy Talllarico , now known as the video of the Games Live Tour, for its amino mixes. But it is a completely different story again.

TOC-Man does not accept joy.

In any case, the first prototype of the Pac-Man title was unveiled at the E3 in 1997. The project was then named Pac-Man Ghost Zone, and it was expected to be released in the same year. The approach was interesting too: mystical force absorbs a teenage boy inside the Pac-Man game hall cabinet, which allows the boy himself becomes Pac-Man. When the gloomier prototype of the theme was introduced to NAMC, the Japanese were not very happy in the new direction. So the project started the following year.

In Europe, Pac-Man World: 20th Anniversary, the level leap work was finally released in 2000 for the first PlayStation. According to the title, the title celebrated Pac-Man from the 20th anniversary of the then and did quite well both in sales and in the estimates. I, too, remember Pac-Man World with warmth, as the developer team succeeded in keeping the field design logical and the fields of the right size and interesting in their environment. In addition, the control of the Pac-Man was suitably neat, and the graphics would look very pleasant to its time. How does the recycled version perform from its career?

Windbag is the first boss resistance.

eating until you explode

PAC-Man World Repay will not try to try any circus tricks, but brings graphically and technically upgraded to current PSX experience with no greater additional content. Pac-Man has to rescue family members kidnapped by the nasty Tucuman and travel throughout the six worlds, each with three to five in the fields. In three-dimensional leaping fields, enemies are beaten, and small puzzles are solved. The yellow Gallery’s business cavalcade includes jumping, twisting, perspective and throwing PAC points. In addition to these, our hero has a limited use of short-term superpowers. These include a metal ball, which allows you to get underwater like _Super Mario 64, and of course immortality, eating ghosts and any other sting out of your feet.

There is something wrong with the full month.

With regard to gameplay, everything feels natural, as the Pac-Man leaps, spins and eats as smoothly as before. Instead, NAMC has spotted something with music. The compositions seem to be literally original, with a few exceptions, as they sound quite poor in some places. In addition, the songwriters are quite short, so in longer fields, the most annoying songs start to giggle efficiently. Fortunately, there are a few pearls (especially in the last world), but unfortunately it does not help himself to repeat.

At the end of the fields, we get into the world of gambling. In addition to points, the prize is additional life.

Each field also has the opportunity to reach a separate maze to earn all the yellow points in the style of the original slot machine. Classic spots work well alongside the leap, as they bring a great variation in adventure. Pac-Man World Remain The rhythm works quite well even on the current dimension.

Unity’s output has been successful and reaches 60 images up to 60 images up to the screen refresh rate. Unfortunately, the tested Switch version does not technically get clean papers. In practice, the most smooth upgrade rate is constantly not achieved, and thus the speed rotates around 50-55 images. Resolution mode, on the other hand, moves to a speed of 30 images with a steady screen update.

There may sometimes be warm atmosphere in maze.

Who can this be recommended?

Unfortunately, there is no unequivocal answer to the subheading question. As a friend of the original work, I enjoyed the Pac-Man World Remain, as it is loyal to its source material, but modernizing enough. In terms of content, the leaps will entertain commendably for about eight hours during their run, and as a bonus, the 1980 slot machine opens freely after the final texts. However, it is not possible to talk about a terribly challenging case, it will reveal 60 extra lives at the end of the adventure. So where does the problem lie?

PAC-Man and bottomless appetite.

The core puzzle is probably that Pac-Man World Repay reveals old 3D levels of aging less bad than two-dimensional equivalent. Unfortunately, during the breakdown, it was unfortunately not to remember what was cool and original in 2000, no longer in 2022. Many others have come back to the back and pastKimi Räikkönen * on their best days. PAC-Man World just unfortunately not the same timeless magic as, for example, Super Mario 64.

So I offer Pac-Man World Remain to you in a nutshell: If the original is familiar, and you want the same experience with updated graphics as in the past with the number one player, nothing more than shopping. If, on the other hand, there are children in the family, despite the button, I would start recommending Pac-Man’s adventures for the family’s task, as the worlds are not terribly large and the game’s launch is easier even if needed.

If you are a clutter, remember my previous warning words.

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